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Don’t install the Microsoft Windows 10 update!!

By Staff | Oct 18, 2018

ALERT! ALERT!! The Microsoft Windows 10 update is said to delete all your files, so don’t’ update it! Windows is pulling the update off of its website, stating that it will delete almost all your data. The only thing that will save you is if you have One Drive on your computer and you backed everything on it. Otherwise, if you didn’t, you lost it all.

Before iOS 12, closing a bunch of apps on the iPhone X required swiping up from the bottom edge of your device. Next, you had to hold down on a specific app until the red minus signs appeared on the top left of the app. Not anymore. The process has since been simplified, eliminating the need to long-press on an app. Now, all you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of the screen and close apps by swiping up on each one.

In iOS 12, you can now add two different Face ID profiles (two different people) to unlock your phone. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and tap Set Up an Alternate Appearance. Once you scan your Face ID using the camera, tap Done and the setup will be complete.

For devices that don’t have 3D Touch features, iOS 12 has a keyboard mode that turns it into a virtual trackpad. By holding down the spacebar, you can then drag your finger around to select specific text. Once you let go, you can then tap on the text to copy, cut, paste, share and more. This works well in the Notepad app or in an existing long e-mail that you want to edit.

This is a nice one: open up a message from someone and at the top tap on the contact name that has a circle with a picture in it; a window pops up presenting you with shortcuts for FaceTime and audio. That means while you were going to text the person, you now have the ability to make a phone call to them or make a Facetime phone call. Now comes the fun part where you can create your Memoji. Open up the Message app and open a new or existing conversation. Once it’s open, select the Animoji icon on the bottom, swipe all the way to the right until you reach “New Memoji” and tap the plus sign icon. You will then be able to customize your Memoji based on a variety of physical features. Apple offers a multitude of options to make your avatar as unique as possible – like the ability to add freckles and choose from a wide range of skin tones and hair colors. You can also alter your head shape, eyebrows, nose, lips, ears, and more. Aside from physical traits, you can also dress up your Memoji. There are plenty of hats, headpieces, and eyewear to choose from that are also customizable by color. Under the ear section, you can also choose from a variety of earrings – hoops or studs. Once you are done creating your Memoji, all you have to do is tap “Done” in the upper-right-hand corner. It will then be displayed in the gallery alongside the other Animojis in the drawer. To use your new Memoji, while in the Message app, select the Animoji icon on the bottom and swipe through to find your Memoji. Since your Memoji mirrors your muscle movements, you want to make sure your face is in view of the camera. Once you’re ready, tap the record button in the lower left-hand corner. As part of the new update, Apple extended the amount of time you have to record your Animoji from ten seconds to 30 seconds. Once you’re done, you can tap on the record button again to end it.

To send it, simply tap the blue arrow – the recipient will then be able to play it from their iMessage window once it’s delivered. But here is the best part: you can also add your Memoji into photos you take through the camera in iMessage. Once the front-facing camera is open, you can overlay your Memoji onto your own head, snap the photo and send it. The same goes for FaceTime. I did this with my sister, and she loved it. While video chatting with her, I applied the Memoji to our live video call, placing my new memoji over my face.

Have fun creating an image of yourself that you can use in messages to other friends or in Facetime.

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