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What’s new in iOS 12?

By Staff | Oct 11, 2018

The new iOS 12 IS out! Here are some of the best features that you might want to use.

In terms of speed, iOS 12 is expected to bring up to a 70 percent faster swipe to Camera, up to 50 percent faster keyboard display, and the app launch will be two times faster under a heavy workload. The animations are smoother, so bringing up the Control Center and swiping while multitasking will feel more responsive. Plus the Share sheet will appear up to two times faster than before.

Group FaceTime allows users to make FaceTime calls with up to 32 people at the same time. A Group FaceTime session can be started from a group text on the Messages app; you can use Animoji, Memoji and filters in real time. And as you send photos and videos to your group chat, you can quickly add text effects, shapes and stickers.

Apple has added photo suggestions within the Messages app so that it makes suggestions based on who you are messaging with, what you are talking about and where you took photos together. The Messages app also has a Memoji Maker feature that allows you to customize your own Animoji.

Apple also created an app called Measure using its augmented reality technology. With this app, you can draw straight lines for measuring objects and surfaces vertically and horizontally using the Camera app on an iPhone or iPad camera. The camera will be able to automatically detect the dimensions of rectangular objects with this app.

There are a few new improvements added in the Camera app. The Camera app for iOS 12 has new effects, filters, text effects and shapes.

Apple is launching a new Shortcuts app where you can customize your own shortcuts for running multiple steps at once. For example, you can have your iPhone automatically pull up a coffee order from your local Starbucks location as you walk out of your apartment.

Siri suggestions are getting improved where it can detect your daily routines. The “Add to Siri” feature allows you to add shortcuts to Siri. You will be able to ask Siri about celebrity facts. For example, you can ask Siri, “Where was Tom Cruise born?” Or you can ask Siri questions like, “How healthy is salmon?”

Siri can be used for finding your photos through the Photo Memories feature in the Photos app. This means you can ask Siri to quickly pull up photos and memories based on people, places, events and keywords. Plus you can ask Siri to help you search for any password.

The flashlight on your devices can be turned on and off by asking Siri. And you can ask Siri to find your iPhone, iPad or AirPods – which connects to the “Find My iPhone” app.

Safari for iOS 12 is getting a major security update. Share buttons and comment widgets on websites will no longer be able to track you without your permission. And Safari for iOS 12 will also prevent ad companies from collecting the unique settings of your device, so they cannot retarget ads to you across the web and apps.

iOS 12 will be able to share passwords with other iOS devices, Macs and Apple TVs. The Stocks app is going to be added to iPad as well. Voice Memos for iOS 12 is going to have a new design, and it will also launch on the iPad. English Thesaurus is also coming to iOS 12.

In Notes, a number of new colors, line weights and opacities are being added to the markup tools.

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