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The mind-blowing trick of the century for iPhones

By Staff | Oct 4, 2018

To see the battery percentage on the iPhone X, swipe down from the top right.

Windows 10 is not letting you install Firefox or Chrome on your PC with the new upgrade coming out. Also, Windows 10 hits you up with annoying pop-ups and ads all the time. Users are getting really upset with this crappy practice.

On Sept. 17, iOS 12 is coming out for the iPhone and iPad, and I’ll keep giving you updates of all the new stuff and how it works.

I use copy and paste a lot with my iPad and iPhone. It’s something that you need to practice with, because it’s sometimes a little clunky.

Let’s say you open up an e-mail and want to copy a portion of it, then paste it into the Notes app. Start holding your finger down on the first word in your e-mail. It highlights the first word in blue with a small blue ball on the left top and a blue ball on the bottom right. Release your finger, press on the right bottom blue ball and slide your finger to the right to select the words you want to copy.

When finished, release your finger; a menu pops allowing you to choose COPY. So tap on COPY. Now swipe up from the bottom, and you’re back to the home page. On other earlier iPhones, just tap the Home Button. Tap on the Notes app, then tap on the + sign to open up a new note. Just tap your finger down anywhere on the screen and a menu pops up. Choose Paste… hey, that wasn’t too hard to do!

Okay, after you’ve mastered using copy and paste, what else can you do with it? Don’t give up just yet and toss this in the trash.

This is a trick I do all the time copying articles off a website to my Notes app. Using this slide trick on my iPhone X, your gonna love me. LADIES can send me photos if they want.

Open up the Notes app and click on the + that starts a new document. Slide up from the bottom, and you’re back to your home screen. Open up the Safari app and choose a website that has information, including photos, that you want to copy. You can select anything by holding your finger down on the first word, highlighting it in blue, then releasing your finger and pressing on the lower right blue button, sliding it to the right to copy all the words you want. Tap on the selected blue words and choose COPY.

Okay, get ready for the mind-blowing trick of the century that will change your life!

Slide your finger up from the bottom right over to the left side of the screen and release. Wow, look at all the apps that you had opened and are now displaying side by side. By sliding your finger to the left and scrolling, you can choose and tap on any app and it opens up.

Isn’t this really cool? But wait! We want to slide over until we find the Notes app. Once you have it opened by tapping on it, just tap anywhere on the screen and choose Paste. So you now have all the selected text that you copied from the website onto the Notes app.

Great. You’re a genius. Sliding your finger up to the right brings up all the opened apps again, and you can scroll back to the Safari webpage, click on it and copy some more sentences or photos that you want to paste on the new Notes doc. Do I get five stars yet?

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