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Two apps provide incredible information

By Staff | Aug 23, 2018

I just downloaded from the Apple App Store two really cool apps that many of you would love to use.

The first one is called Universal Image Search. This incredible app allows you to type in anything in the search box at the top. A picture comes up with details and other exciting things about it.

So, for instance, you want to find out how many types of mango trees exist on Maui. Type in “mango trees,” and a bunch of mango tree photos pop up showing you the different varieties.

Let’s say you want to buy a bamboo blade ceiling fan and check out the sizes and colors available. Photos begin to show up with details and even places you could buy one.

Another app that I downloaded is called Google Photos. When open, it instantly brings up your photo gallery of all your pictures.

Let’s say you adopted a new dog from Maui Humane Society and don’t know what breed he is. Take a picture of him, open up Google Photos and click on his photo. At the bottom of the app is a square with a white dot in it that, when pressed, brings up all the information about your new Irish Wolf Hound Saint Bernard 112-pound dog.

You could take a photo of that weird plant in your back yard, let Google Photo search its database, then give you all the information you need to know about that Poison Ivy plant!

While you’re at it, zoom in on the small red ant hanging off of it. What? Fire ants???

With these two apps on your phone, you have the resources to search and find out about anything you type in, and with a photo you can discover and even get more information on it.

You Windows 10 folks – I have a good tip for you. Do you remember the Control Panel icon? It had all the features to set up a Printer, Device Manager and Remove Programs.

Well, Windows 10 hid it and made it difficult to find. I’m gonna show you several ways to bring it back.

One way is to click on the Start button; in the search box, type in CONTROL PANEL. That will show you an icon for it. Just right-click on it and choose Pin to Start. Now when you click on the Start button, it should be there. Here is another way that not only shows the Control Panel icon, it allows you to have a desktop looking like your old Windows 7. Right-click on the Start button, then click on Configure Start 10. You have a choice of three display windows to choose from.

Choosing “Windows 7 Style” allows you to boot up in a Windows 7 mode. Now by left-clicking on the Start button, a Menu pops up displaying the Control Panel icon. I’m starting to enjoy Windows 10 a whole lot more with that option, because I never liked all those squares and triangle icons on the old Windows 8 Desktop.

I’ve recently run into a problem with Windows 10 installing an update: when the owners restart and put in their password, they get a message that it’s the wrong password.

One thing that could cause that to happen is if the computer shuts down before the update is finished. That being the case, the only option is to save your data, reinstall Windows 10 and set-up a new password. Sorry. If you run into that problem, give me a call and I’ll straighten it out for you.

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