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Tricks for lazy typers

By Staff | Aug 16, 2018

In this issue, I’m gonna show you how to find out the size of a blue folder on your Mac. People buy backup hard drives to clean up their Mac laptops by copying pictures, music and documents off it and placing them on the backup hard drive. Deleting them off the laptop then frees up more space.

When you click on the Finder that lists all of your files, it’s easy to find the size of a document or picture, but when you place a bunch of files in a blue folder, it would be nice to see the complete size of that folder. That way, when you want to copy the whole folder over to an external hard drive, you know how big the folder is and if it can fit on that hard drive.

So, here’s how you can do it: just click on any blue folder and press the Command key and the ( i ) key at the same time. Another way is to left-click on the blue folder and press the space bar. That gives you the size of the folder and the number of files in it.

Okay, so you’re lazy and hate pressing letters on your keyboard. To see the size without doing anything, you need to set it up by clicking the Finder icon below, then click on View at the top of the screen, Show View Options and Calculate All Sizes. There… that wasn’t hard to do.

Do you still feel lazy? I have another trick that will save your fingers from a strenuous workout. So, to make a capital letter, you have to hold down the Shift key, wait for one hour, then press on a key to make that a capital letter. How would you like to quickly press and release the Shift key, then press and release any letter key to get a capital letter without holding anything down?

To make that happen, just click on the Apple icon on the top, choose System Preferences, Accessibility, Keyboard Hardware, then click on Enable Sticky Keys. Now you don’t have to hold down the Shift key or the Option key anymore. One quick press and release does the trick.

Okay, while you’re still in the Accessibility Menu, click on Accessibility Keyboard on the top right, then click on Enable Accessibility Keyboard. Wow! Don’t’ freak out!! A big black keyboard just appeared on your desktop. You can now type by clicking on any black key.

Well, why would you want to clutter your desktop with a big black ugly keyboard covering up a screen shot of your ex-girlfriend? Well, if for some reason your battery went dead on your wireless keyboard, and you needed to finish a letter begging her to take you back, you can use that keyboard to finish the e-mail before she departs Kahului Airport to Tonga International.

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