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Surf the Internet to these cool websites

By Staff | Aug 9, 2018

In this issue, let’s have some fun surfing the Internet to some cool places.

At Angie’s List, you could find a plumber or handyman. Go to Angieslist.com. Craigslist.com gives you the opportunity to find a room for rent or buy and sell almost anything. On Facebook, use Facebook Marketplace, where you can also buy or sell and even insert a photo. Another one called Yelp, which is a downloaded app on your iPhone or Android phone, will help you find a good restaurant to eat at (leave a message on how you liked the place).

After installing the Yelp App and creating an account, which is fairly easy to do, try opening it up. Let’s type in “Moku Roots,” and you can see it’s a 4.5-star-rated restaurant located at the Lahaina Gateway Center. Click on it, and it describes the type of food they serve. Scroll on down and look at the reviews of other people’s experiences dining there.

Now let’s talk about issues with phone and media scams that suck you in, then try and get your credit card numbers, like Zip Recruiter or Check my Credit Score for Free. Places where they advertise that you can pay off your IRS debt or student loan is the same as getting robbed.

There is one app that may help you find out who the caller is and tell you if it’s a spammer. It’s called “Number Guru.”

Speaking of Spam, and getting worse all the time, are the Robocallers that are bombarding your phone constantly. Here are a few ways to beat them.

First, they can use your area code, and you think it’s someone down the street calling you. Blocking that number won’t work, because the next day they will use another 808 number. Reporting the number is useless, and placing it on the Do Not Call Registry is a waste of time.

So, before loading up your AK-47, try a couple of things that will help out a little. Don’t answer a suspicious call, or immediately hang up if you do. AT&T has an app called AT&T Call Protect, and there is a new app called Hiya Caller ID and Block.

So, let’s say you’re a hermit living in Happy Valley and only have a few friends who call you once in awhile. Try setting up a ring tone for each friend. Now you know who’s calling you, and it’s easy to set up on your iPhone.

Click on your Contacts, choose a friend, click on Edit on the top right, click on Ringtone and choose a ringtone. That’s it. So when you hear that specific ringtone from your girlfriend who just dumped you, answer it – she might be calling begging to take ya back!

Here’s a cool trick that you might want to use: when reading a long, boring letter from a high school buddy, who sends one out once a year telling you all the places where he ate, you can take your mouse, left-click, drag and highlight the whole letter. Pressing the Command and ESC keys, a voice starts reading it, so you can kick back and catch up on some sleep.

But you first have to set it up. So on the Mac, click on the Apple logo on the top left, choose System Preferences, Accessibility, Speech, and click in the box at the bottom that says, “Speak selected text when the key is pressed.”

Last thing: anyone needing a rebuilt Toshiba laptop for $190, contact me.

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