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How to open side by side windows in Safari

By Staff | Jul 26, 2018

I’ve really missed being able to open up two windows displaying side by side at the same time, like I can do on my PC. I recently found an easy way to do the same on my iMac or my Mac Air.

Open up Safari, and at the top click on File and then New Private Window. You now have two Safari windows open side by side, and the private window helps protect your input.

But let’s say that when you open up Safari, it immediately takes you to a bad website, and every time you close and reopen it, it goes back to the same bad webpage. Try this: hold down the shift key and open up Safari. The bad page is gone. Now you can change the home page back to your original one you had before.

If you read my last Lahaina News article, or have to open up your freezer to unwrap the aku bloodline fish parts around my last newspaper column, you can read how to clean up Safari and change the home page.

So you wanna be a big shot private detective? Try this and have a little fun. If your shirt has a pocket, then turn on your iPhone, click on the Camera icon and choose Video. Hit the red Record button and place the iPhone in your shirt pocket with the backside pointing out.

So, if you’re trying to record a Front Street cosmetics store vender trying to sell you a $150 tube of anti-wrinkle face cream – while he’s running out on Front Street pulling your car over – you have the evidence. BUSTED!!!

Get this: now all your messages can go onto the Cloud and be accessed from all your Apple devices. That means if you text message someone on your iPhone, the message will also show up on your iPad and Apple computer.

To set this up on your iPhone, click on Settings, your name on the top that has the Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store underneath it. Now click on iCloud, then click on Messages. That’s it!!

If you’ve been told that your Mac or other Apple products have become vintage or obsolete, then it means that Apple has cut off all support to repair it. They will tell you that it’s too old and they can’t find parts for it. I’m running into this all the time. The two Mac stores on the island will refuse to repair your computer, even if it’s a minor part that’s out of date. They will try and sell you a new $2,000 Macbook Pro.

Well, folks, I’m here to tell you that it really upsets me, because you can find parts for any Apple computer, whether old or new, on Amazon or eBay. So don’t give up and apply for welfare so you can buy a new Macbook. I’ve been finding parts, repairing older Macs and saving people hundreds of dollars.

The same goes for PCs. You can find any part for a desktop or laptop on the web at a good price, and it’s even guaranteed.

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