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Clean your Safari cache and history periodically

By Staff | Jul 19, 2018

Every once in a while, you need to clean up your Safari cache. The cache is a place that Safari stores data, like photos off the Internet.

This folder can get pretty big, so it’s important to clean it up periodically. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to open up Safari, click on Safari on the top left side of the screen, choose Preferences, Privacy, then click on Manage Website Data. A list shows up; at the bottom, click on “Remove All,” then “Done.”

The second way is to be in Safari’s Preferences and choose “Advanced,” then click on “Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar” at the very bottom. Close and restart Safari. On the very top menu, “Develop” now appears. Click on it and choose “Empty Cache.” Sometimes what you cleared will somehow reappear, which is a glitch in Safari.

But if you can’t get to sleep at night knowing that your cache isn’t wiped off your computer, you can try this. Open up Finder by clicking on the icon on the lower left. Hold down and don’t let go of the Option key on the left side of your keyboard, then click on Go at the top menu and then Library. Click on Safari, Databases. If you see anything in the window, just drag it to the trash icon on the lower right dock.

One more thing that will help is clearing your history, which is easy to do. Open up Safari, and at the top left click on Safari, “Clean History.” Now if you successfully do all this without scarfing down a whole bottle of children’s aspirin, you’ll have a much cleaner hard drive with more space.

Okay, let’s look at some really neat tricks that I think will help you out. First, I’m going to show you how to set up your own home page in Safari. That means that when you open up Safari, it automatically shows your own site every time that you open up the program.

Let’s say you want Google to be your home page. Open up Safari, and at the very top line type www.google.com, then hit enter. You are now at the Google homepage site. At the very top left, click on Safari, Preferences, General, and where it says “Safari Opens with,” click on the up and down arrows to the right and choose “A New Window.” On the line below, click on the up and down arrows and choose “Home Page,” then do the same with the next line below that says “New tabs open with” and choose “HomePage.” Close Safari and reopen it. HOLY COW – you’re at Google. You can do this with your banking site or stock site, too.

So, let’s say after all the excitement you navigate to Speedo’s Radar website and want to take a picture of the new radar gun with all the spiffy specs and send it to your best friend getting out of jail for going 120 mph on the Lahaina Bypass, so he won’t get caught again. Just hold down the SHIFT + COMMAND + 4 keys. A cross with a small circle appears; take your mouse and slide it around, keeping the left button depressed, and choose the section you want to capture. After you release your mouse, a file appears on your desktop showing what you captured called “Screen Shot 2018-07.” Real easy! Now you can attach it to his e-mail at Cell Block 25.

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