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New iPad will have facial recognition

By Staff | Mar 29, 2018

Got some good news that Apple is finally coming out with an iPad that has facial recognition. My iPhone X has it, and now I don’t have to remember all the passwords for my bank account, e-mail, Amazon, eBay, Schwab and credit card accounts. I just hold the phone up in front of my face, and I’m instantly logged on.

Although if you’re walking down Front Street and get thrown into one of the 18 cosmetics stores by a guy standing in the middle of the sidewalk, who pastes your face with an overpriced, $300, smelly cream that instantly vaporizes your 65 years of puffed eye wrinkles, face recognition might not work and could lock you out of your iPad for good.

My daughter said her iPhone battery changed color to yellow. Keeping her up at night, she finally figured out that when the battery changes to yellow, that means your iPhone is in Low Power Mode, which reduces or turns off background apps, Siri, Mail and some visual effects. You can change it back in the Settings by scrolling down to battery and unchecking the box.

I don’t text a lot, but I sometimes see people texting while driving, nearly missing skateboarders in the middle of the road. Well, I found this new app that allows you to talk and record your messages – instead of typing them – and the best part is that they can be translated into 27 or more languages. This could be of great value if traveling to Bhubaneswar, India, and you need to communicate with the local elephant tamer. The software to download is SMS ++, and you can find it in the App Store.

Apple plans to make all their iPhone and iPad Apps that are available at the App Store to work with and be compatible with all Mac laptops. That’s fantastic!

There are a couple new tricks using Dictation on the Mac laptops that have the High Sierra operating system. Once set-up, you can say, “SHOW DICTATION,” and a menu pops up displaying all the commands like COPY, PASTE, REDO THAT.

To set up Dictation, first go to System Preferences. Click on Keyboard, then click on Dictation. Click on the ON box, then click on Use Enhanced Dictation. For the shortcut, select “Press Fn Function key twice.” That’s it! Now you’re ready to go, and by pressing the function key twice, you could use it with a program like Microsoft Word.

You ask, why would I need to use this feature? Well, if you broke your finger signing divorce papers – and can’t use a keyboard to type her a goodbye letter – then dictation is your best option.

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