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How to create shortcuts in Windows 10

By Staff | Mar 8, 2018

I used to love placing an icon for Amazon and eBay on my Windows desktop. To make it, I would open up Internet Explorer, right-click on www.amazon.com from the address bar, choose copy, right-click on a blank area on my desktop, and choose paste.

This allowed me to click on the new icon and quickly get to the website, whereas before I had to open up Internet Explorer, click on the favorites bar and choose Amazon.com.

So, Windows 10 comes along and you can’t do this. You can copy the address, but when you try and paste it on the desktop, nothing happens. Well, don’t throw a temper tantrum.

Here is how you can do it and save your fingers from clicking four times. Bear with me because it’s a no-brainer to create an icon.

First, open up the Edge or Internet Explorer, and in the address space type in your favorite site; hit enter to go to it. Let’s use www.amazon.com for an example. Once the site appears, right-click on www.amazon.com and choose COPY. That was easy. Now, anywhere on the desktop that has a blank spot, right-click – a menu pops up. Choose NEW then click on SHORTCUT. At the “Create Shortcut” screen, right-click and choose PASTE in the “Type in location of the item” box. Great, you’re almost done. Click Next, in the box type in AMAZON, then click on Finish. That’s it. The new AMAZON icon appears on your desktop. Just click on it and you’re instantly connected to Amazon.com. You can do this with your bank, credit card company or anything else.

I bought my daughter the new Apple Air Pods, and being an archeologist digging in trenches, she can’t get strangled from the six-inch chord that other headsets use. Pretty soon the Air Pods will be able to use Siri commands, and she’ll be able to tell Siri to start playing her favorite song, “100 Pounds of Clay,” without dropping her shovel.

Let’s say you want to buy a used iPhone from someone on Craigslist or Facebook’s Marketplace. How do you know it’s not stolen? Recipero runs a service called CheckMEND, where you can pay $1 to find out about the history of a phone. This is currently the most comprehensive service around to check on a phone’s history. It will tell you if a phone has been blacklisted or blocked with a carrier.

Beginning April 6, AT&T will include HBO as part of the AT&T Unlimited PlusSM wireless plan, making this their best plan ever for unlimited entertainment. Both new and existing customers on this plan will automatically get award-winning HBO included.

Do you have Mac Defender, MacKeeper, Clean My Mac or Mac Adware Cleaner software that keeps popping up – and you can’t get rid of them? It’s really hard to uninstall these malware programs, but by bringing your Apple in to my shop, I can help you remove them. This involves (most of the time) navigating into the Library files that are hidden.

The newest one called Mega Backup requires that you have two mouses and use the up arrow key – all at the same time – just to find and click on the uninstall box.

After removing these irritating pop-up programs, your Apple will run 100 times faster. I charge only $50 compared to the $350 charged on the other side of the island.

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