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Computer Guru writer celebrates his 100th column

By Staff | Feb 22, 2018

This is my 100th issue of the Computer Guru for the Lahaina News, and first I want to thank Mark, the editor, for weeding out all death threats. I’m amazed at all the Amazon Prime members requesting dartboards with my picture attached to them. It’s always fun to walk down the street like a famous gunslinger, meeting people who corral me off to the side and barrage me with 100 computer questions. I love it so don’t stop – except if I’m waiting in line for a Whopper at Burger King.

Throughout all the years, I’ve given you tips using the iPhone and Mac computers, and I sometimes throw in a few for the Windows people.

The reason I dedicate my columns for Apple products is that the operating system doesn’t get viruses, and I enjoy repairing MacBooks, saving people money by not driving over to the other side and spending $150 an hour to get their computers repaired.

Although I enjoy repairing Windows 10, which constantly keeps me busy with weekly upgrades that cause operating system crashes, many people I talk to are scared to switch over to a Mac.

Well, here is the TRUTH, and also how easy it is to drop your PC off at the Lahaina sewage plant. Apple has the same looking icons on their desktop, and they open up exactly like a Windows PC.

For instance, Microsoft Word not only looks the same, but it opens up and has the same features. The only difference a Mac has is the start and shutdown button. It’s located at the top lefthand corner of the desktop versus the PC that has its on the lower left hand corner. THAT’S IT!

And if you talk to an Apple Tech at 1-800-MYAPPLE, it’s free… and they speak English. The other day, my friend Deb called me up and said she tried to install her HP printer. She ended up dialing the HP Support number she found on the Internet. She started talking to someone from Bombay, India, who took control of her desktop, installing a virus and then asking for $365 to remove it.

Explaining to me what was happening, I quickly told her to hang up the phone and shut down her computer. Next thing, they’re calling her back demanding money.

I’ve said it 1,000 times: “Never let someone take control of your computer,” and hang up if you’re hearing a foreign accent demanding money.

More than once, I run across people who forget their iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo and Apple passwords. If they are lucky to locate the paper towel on which they wrote it down after their New Year’s Eve party, then I have to spend the next hour downloading codes to their iPhone or alternate e-mail accounts. That doesn’t include the secret questions they have to answer, like: “What was the name of your third divorced wife?”

The answer is to download the app called KEEPER, which not only holds all your e-mail passwords, but it can save photos like your driver’s license, insurance card, credit cards, Longs Drugs card and even your Social Security card.

So, I’m going to keep writing good articles about all the new products and apps coming out, and if anyone wants computer repairs or advice, just give me a call.

I’ve been doing this for almost 24 years, helping the West Side community. It’s almost the same time as the Lahaina Bypass paving 3.2 miles!

Send your computer-related questions to mauimist8669@yahoo.com.