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Ready to delete some old apps?

By Staff | Jan 18, 2018

On the Mac computer, you have all kinds of programs and apps that you can open up by clicking on the Launch Pad icon on the lower dock. Once you click on Launch Pad, all the icons show up. There are a few ways that you can delete any app that you don’t want.

Clicking down on any app for about two seconds makes them start to jiggle. Notice the X on top of each app. By clicking on the X, you can delete the app. If the app doesn’t have an X, then you can’t delete it that way. You’ll have to go into the Applications folder to do it. Start by clicking on the Finder icon on the lower dock. A list of menus pops up, and by choosing Applications, it will show and list all your apps and programs. You can now click on the app that didn’t close from the Launch Pad and drag it to the Trash Can on the bottom lower right.

Some of the major programs like Adobe Photoshop have an uninstall app located in the Adobe Photoshop folder. Double-click on the folder, then find and click on the Adobe Uninstall App.

If you open up Photos and want to select more than one photo to copy to another program, you can hold down the Command key and click on as many photos you want to copy.

There are a lot of deals for Apple products out there, but beware of fakes. For instance, seeing the Apple AirPods for only $15 – that’s a red flag. They normally cost $150. So, how can you tell if it’s a fake? All the discount websites have a section called Reviews. Click on them and look at what other people say about the product. Most will tell you that when they opened up the box, it wasn’t a real Apple product and the sound was horrible. That’s another red flag.

Let’s say your girlfriend steals your iPhone, discovers that you have a secret redhead you’re seeing on the side, then drives out to Hana ready to throw it over the falls. Well, before that happens, you can use the function Find My iPhone. But you must have that activated before it ends up in the bottom of the lower pond!

To do that, click on Settings, your ID at the top, iCloud, then look for Find My iPhone and make sure it’s turned on. You can go to any computer, log on to iCloud.com, put in your user name and password, then click on Find iPhone. A map shows up, and on the top of the screen is All Devices. Click on it, choose your iPhone 10, and a menu pops up with three choices. You can play a sound (which might not be heard 20 feet underwater) or Erase the iPhone, so she can’t see any more pics of the redhead.

The last choice is Lost Mode, where you can put your telephone number, hit next and add a message like: “Come on, Honey – you’ve always been number one.” Hit Done, which locks your iPhone. Get out your scuba gear and drive on out.

A couple of quick tips: on the iPhone 10, press the side button and the top volume button to take a screen shot. To type the accented characters like the @ ,#, or $, just touch and hold a character, and alternatives pop up. Now slide over to pick the one you want. It’s a little tricky at first but faster than pressing the Shift key. Try doing it with the “A” key in the Notes app.

Best app of the week is the Microsoft Word app for the iPhone.

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