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Want to block unwanted calls, and find out who’s calling?

By Staff | Dec 14, 2017

Okay, you keep getting calls from Ed McMahon offering you one million dollars every four o’clock in the morning. Besides wanting to strangle him, just block the call.

Click on the Phone icon, go to Recent, scroll down to Ed’s number and click on the I button. Click on Block Caller, Block Contact. You can see a list of blocked calls and messages by going to Settings, Phone, Call Blocking.

How do you block a message from an 80-year-old lady you helped off the floor at the Monkey Bar and Suds that keeps asking you for a date? Just open up the messenger, scroll down to her number, and on the top right click on the circle with the “I” in it. Now tap the circle on the left of the number and click on .

So, let’s say you keep getting bugged by a phone number 13 times a day and want to find out who she or he is. Download the app Number Guru. There you can enter the phone number and get information about who and where the caller is from.

Now you can set your video resolution to 4K on the iPhone. Go to Settings and scroll down to Camera to set your video resolution. Back in the old days, you got 640 x 480 resolution, which translates to 370,000 pixels. The new 4K standard has a resolution of 8.3 million pixels. So what does that mean? If you try and zoom in on the old 640 x 480 picture, you will see big blurry squares. But on the 4K, you can zoom in and get more detail without the blurry squares. Even though your current TV doesn’t support 4K, now is still the best time to save your 4K videos (then wait until your ex-girlfriend throws a brick through your TV screen, head on over to Costco and buy a new 4K TV).

A lot of people don’t know how to send a photo in their e-mail to their friends. Here are a few ways to do it.

Start an e-mail to your ex-boss and get ready to send him a photo of you displaying a certain digit on your left hand. If this photo is on the desktop, just drag and drop it there. If not, then on the top line on your e-mail screen is a paperclip. Clicking on it lets you navigate to an area where the photo resides. Or better yet, you can click on the top where the paper clip is, and a few icons over is a small icon with a blurry pic of a mountain. Click on it, and it brings up a window of photos to choose from. Click on the one you want and drag and drop it over on your e-mail screen. Now you can adjust the size from the right top on the photo; click on Actual Size. Make it big so he won’t forget you.

Now, the best part is to add a few extra things to the photo. On the photo is a square with a “V” in it. Click and wait until it pops up. Click on it and choose . At the top of the photo, you now have the option to do more damage with text and drawing to it. Click on the fifth one over, which is . Let him know it’s from you. Click and start looking for a new job. Command + Option + D will hide the doc on the Mac.

On the Mac, there are many ways to take a screen shot. Let’s say you’re in Safari and see a photo of one of the 47 jewelry shops on Front Street. By pressing three keys, Shift, Command and the number 3 key, you’ll take the shot. You can also use THE GRAB app, which is kind of hard to find. Simply click on the spyglass on the very top right of your screen and type in “Grab.” It brings up a menu; just click on the Grap App.

Once that is opened, you can use your mouse to Capture and also have four selections to choose from. You can also open up the Preview app, click on File and choose . And the QuickTime app allows you to take a video of your screen. Open QuickTime, choose and click on .

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