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Helpful tricks for your new iPhone X

By Staff | Nov 30, 2017

In the new issue, I’ve created “The Idiot’s Guide to Set-up the iPhone X” and other helpful tricks.

If your music library is so large that it’s taking up all your space on the iPhone, you can offload or delete some of the songs – like “Laurence Welk: Polka Favorites from 1937.” Click on Settings, General, iPhone Storage, and wait until all your apps show up. Click on Music and hit Edit at the top, and all the songs will display a red sign. Tap on the ones you want to delete, and a red delete rectangle shows up. Press on it.

Here is a way to increase the size of your mouse cursor on the Mac High Sierra. Go to System Preferences, Accessibility, Display, and slide right to make the cursor size larger.

I just received my iPhone X and set it up. Here is how to do it. First you need to backup your old iPhone to the Cloud. Go to Settings and click on your name at the top with a circle. Click on iCloud, scroll on down to iCloud Backup, make sure it’s on, and then click on Back Up Now.

After backing up, you’re ready for the transfer of all the apps and data to the new iPhone. It’s really simple. Just lay the new iPhone right next to the old iPhone and it begins the transfer, asking you click on a whole bunch of things.

It will ask you to position the old iPhone over the top of the new iPhone with a big circle, and the insides look like something from the old TV show “Outer Limits.”

After it matches up, the transfer begins. When finished – which will take awhile – you need to open up the old iPhone and turn off Messages and iCloud.

Now comes the tricky part. You need to take a very small paper clip, and on the side of the old iPhone, stick it in the side with the hole and push in. It opens up the Sim Card slot and it slides out. Remove the Sim Card. Now do the same on the new iPhone X and replace the card there with the old iPhone Sim Card. Push it back in. When that happens, you can now make telephone calls.

Now you can insert the extra Sim Card back in your old iPhone and can use it – except you can’t make phone calls. If you want to sell it, click on Settings, General, scroll on down to the bottom and click on Erase All Content and Settings.

Okay, now you have the new iPhone pretty much set-up. But if you want to set-up Facial Recognition, you have to open up Settings, General, Face ID & Passcode and click on all the boxes. When activating Facial Recognition, it will ask you to rotate your face. Do this like a clock moves from 12:00 to 12:00 – not like the movie “The Exorcist.”

To open up your new iPhone X, hold it up to your face and LOOK at the screen. You can also click on the right side top button to open it up and close it. Swipe up from the bottom to see all your apps, and click on an app to open it up. To close it, just swipe up from the bottom. To see all your background apps, press and hold your finger on the lower right side and slide up to the left.

There is a lot more, but I don’t want to melt down your brain too soon. Next issue has some really cool stuff only the iPhone X offers, so stay tuned.

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