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Tricks on the new iPhone X

By Staff | Nov 16, 2017

I once used two to three scanning apps, but now I can scan anything using the Notes app. Open it up, press on the + sign and choose Scan Documents.

Using your camera, just position it over a piece of paper that you want to scan.

Here is a really cool feature that allows you to zoom in on a map without pinching with two fingers. Just double-tap on the map, but after the second tap, don’t lift up your finger and just slide it up or down to zoom in. It took me a couple of tries, but I finally got it.

Here is a neat trick that you can use more often. When you take a screen shot, it appears on the lower left-hand corner. Just click on it, and you can send it as a Message, Facebook post or e-mail.

So let’s say you’re looking at a gas mask on a website and see one for under $100. Press down on the top right side button and the home button at the same time to take the screen shot. When it appears on the lower corner, press on it and decide where you want to send it (www.lahainasewageplant/smellit).

When calling 1-800MYAPPLE for help, I sometimes have to listen to rap or elevator music… but there’s a way to skip a song you don’t like when you’re on hold with Apple Care! All you have to do is press zero on your phone, and you’ll skip to the next track.

Be careful of a new scam in your e-mail box declaring that your Netflix account will be suspended if you don’t respond within 48 hours. It tries to persuade you to click on the “restart membership” button at the end of the message. Don’t do it!

Speck cases are now ready for the iPhone X, which can utilize wireless charging.

Speaking of the iPhone X, here is the newest release of how to set it up and some new tricks that are totally different from all previous iPhones. This is important stuff, so save this article – you won’t have to read the tech language that looks like Greek.

On the right side of the iPhone X is an elongated power button called the lock button. On the top is a black space called the notch button. Since the iPhone X doesn’t have a home button to switch between apps, just swipe up from the bottom edge of your iPhone. This’ll bring you to a stack of apps that are currently running.

To force close apps, hold down on a specific app, and a red minus sign appears. Just tap on it. You can either swipe up to get rid of the app or tap the red sign. If you’re on an app and want to go back to the home screen, swipe up on the elongated bar at the bottom of every app.

The iPhone X now uses face recognition. To turn it on, go to Settings, Face ID and Passcode, Set up Face ID. You have to let it scan your face twice, rotating your head two times. Once done, to unlock your iPhone X, just swipe up and remember to keep your eyes open.

You can activate Siri by holding down the lock button on the right for a few seconds. If you want to exit Siri, press the lock button again.

Taking a screen shot on the iPhone X is different without the home button. Now you need to press the lock and the volume buttons at the same time. The screen shot appears on the bottom left-hand corner, where you can tap it to edit or use mark-up.

The notch button at the top of the iPhone X displays the Control Center if you swipe down on the right of it. Swiping down left shows the Notification Center. Swiping up brings you back to the Home Screen.

I’m starting to use Apple Pay more often. To quickly get the Apple Pay on the iPhone X, double-tap the lock button on the right edge. Your card will appear, and Face ID will automatically scan to verify you are the card owner. You can turn your iPhone X off by holding down either of the volume buttons and the lock button at the same time. At the top, you’ll see a Slide to Power Off option. To turn on the iPhone X, just tap the Display Screen. You can also turn on the iPhone X by lifting it to your face, which will automatically wake it up. Go to Settings, Display, Display & Brightness, and toggle Raise to Wake.

Well, that’s just the beginning to all the new functions the new IOS 11 and iPhone X bring. Stay tuned for more. On a side note, I’m selling a rebuilt Macbook Pro with new insides for only $325 – a great Christmas present!

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