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More iPhone tips and hidden features

By Staff | Nov 2, 2017

In the new iOS 11.0.3, Siri has become much smarter and will perform many more functions. I held my iPhone up to my ear and said, “Hey Siri, open up my Citi Mobile App.” It opened up the app and displayed my balance, which showed me that I paid the Lahaina News for my monthly advertisement. I tried one more time and asked Siri to open up my Schwab account. Guess what? It did it. Siri even opened up my e-mail and asked me if I wanted her to read them to me.

But the best part of Siri is the translation of Spanish, German, Italian, French and Mandarin into English. Ask Siri to translate into Spanish, “Where is the nearest taco truck in Lahaina?” You can even use the phrase, “How do you say?”

In Maps, you now can look inside of an airport where all the stores, elevators and luggage areas are located. To do this, just open up the Maps App, in the Search box type in the name of any airport, and it displays it on the map. Now zoom in, and slowly you’ll start seeing the walkways and inside of many stores. You can even see it in 3-D and on different levels. Not only airports but malls can be viewed, and tapping on a store displays more information.

Oct. 26 was the launch for Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV. Rumor has it that Apple is working on a new foldable iPhone.

Here is a hidden feature on the iPhone that is fun to use. It’s called Assistive Touch. After you configure it, a shadow circle appears on your home screen; tap on it, and a menu pops up allowing you to do some really incredible things, like taking a screen shot without pressing on the top button and the Home Button at the same time, getting back to the home screen without pressing down on the home button, instant access to Notifications and the Control Center to turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound volume and Flashlight, and more. So, are you ready to give it a shot? Here’s how to set it up. First go to Settings, General, Accessibility, Assistive Touch and click it on. Now the fun part is tapping on Customize Top Level Menu. Eight choices will show up when you’re finished setting it all up. Notice the + sign. Click on it, and a menu pops up allowing you to add new stuff. I did it and chose Speak Screen. This is a really nice feature that required me to swipe two fingers down from the top to open up a menu showing a rabbit and turtle that could read and speak a news article while surfing NBC News.

Now, since I made it part of Assistive Touch, all I have to do is tap on the shadow circle, then tap on the icon Speak Screen, which instantly starts to read a news article. The best part is the Multitasking Icon. Instead of pressing on the Home Button twice to display all the background apps running, you can just touch the shadow circle, tap on Multitasking and all your running background apps show up.

Have some fun customizing this shadow circle, which makes it easier to open up apps and do all kinds of cool stuff much faster.