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Apple launches new iOS 11 for the iPad

By Staff | Oct 19, 2017

In this issue, I’m going to talk a little about the new iOS 11 for the iPad. I have an iPad Mini and use it more than my laptop.

The new keyboard look has the letters A B C D, a b c d, and on the same keys are symbols that you used to have to press the shift key to use. But now, all you have to do to make a quotation mark is to slightly slide your finger over the L key, and it magically appears.

The best part of the new iOS 11 is the ability to paste anything into Notes, Word or from any other app. For instance, if you have a Note opened, you can drag a photo over to it and drop it in, or open up Safari and drag a page over to it. Better yet, open up Maps and drag a page over so someone can find your house.

There are many ways to back up your iPad and iPhone, but I found out the best way is through an app called IMazing. This app is incredible and so easy to use. Just download it from Imazing.com, plug your iPhone or iPad into the back of your Mac, and it backs up all your photos, music, contacts, notes and more. Now I don’t have to use the Cloud or flash drives. Okay, here is the best part of using IMazing: you can also download it on your Windows computer, too.

On your iPhone, you can choose Live Photo, and after you take a pic, you can touch it and see a short video. Open up your camera; on the top is a yellow circle. Click on it to activate “LIVE.”

On the Mac using the new High Sierra operating system that just came out, you can open up a photo and click on Edit – it will blow your mind what you can do to enhance the image. On the lower right-hand corner of the photo is a box called LIVE. Click on it and you have three choices: Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure. On the side are many tools to sharpen, red-eye and retouch.

Apple extended the movie rentals up to 48 hours instead of a 24-hour limit to watch it again.

I have video cams throughout my house, where I can see if my dog is sleeping on the sofa. Only one of them has two-way audio where you can hear what’s going on and then be able to shout into your iPhone: “Get off the couch!” I found this fantastic camera called YI Home Camera 1080P. After receiving the camera, I set it up with the app. I’m now able to see, listen and talk. The best part is the night vision mode and motion detector. Also, there is a small flash card to record 16 gigs of video. It’s a great price of only $60.

Bonfire is Facebook’s new video chat.

Qi charging pads from Mobi will wirelessly charge the new iPhone X, Watch and AirPods.

One of the less-publicized features in iOS 11 is it allows users to share their iCloud storage space with members of their families. After configuring my account to share it with my daughter, I now have both phones backed up to the iCloud. It was relatively easy to set up. To share storage, just turn on Family Sharing in the IOS Settings. Open up Settings and click on your name at the top that has the Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes and apps. Scroll down to Family Sharing, add a family member to the account, and then turn on the option to share iCloud Storage. By turning on the iCloud Storage Sharing, they’ll automatically send out notifications to family members that they can use the space. I went through all those steps on my daughter’s device. I turned on iCloud backup in the Settings. Just open up Settings, click on your name, iCloud, scroll down to iCloud Backup and click so it’s on.

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