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Want to connect to the Internet without using an expensive wireless router?

By Staff | Oct 12, 2017

Are you sitting down? I have a fantastic solution for all you people who don’t have a wireless router and want to connect your iPhone or iPad up to the network.

Let’s say that you do have a wireless router in the far end of the house and you’re in a room on the other side with your Mac computer hooked up to an Ethernet cable, because you can’t get a good wireless signal. Let’s also say that you don’t even have a router and are connected up to the Internet with a cable running from the back of your modem to the back of your computer using a Road Runner modem. From both scenarios, we still can get your iPhone online.

On your Mac, click on the Apple icon on the top left and choose System Preferences, then click on Sharing. Near the bottom of the list is Internet Sharing, but don’t click on it just yet. On the right is a box called “Share your connection from;” click on the arrow and choose Ethernet. Now that wasn’t hard!

Let’s go on down to the bottom box to where it says “to computers using” and click on the box Wi-Fi. Ok, now I’m going to let you click on the Internet Sharing box. Think you’re finished? Not yet… one more thing to do. A box magically appears asking you if you’re sure you want to turn on Internet sharing. Don’t be afraid and click on Start. It may ask you to turn on your Wi-Fi. Wait… you’re not using the Wi-Fi connection on your main computer. It’s only using a cable. Don’t worry – go ahead and click OK to turn on the Wi-Fi anyway, and you should see at the top right a gray diamond with an up arrow in it. Now the fun part is going to happen.

Open up your iPhone and go to settings, Wi-Fi and look on the list below. Let’s say your name is Elwood and you have an iMac. The list will show Elwood’s iMac. Click on it and you’re ready to surf. Now you just saved yourself from buying an expensive wireless router, and you’re able to get your iPhone and iPad on the Internet. Give it a shot just for fun even if you have a wireless router in your house.

To put everything back to normal, head on back to System Preferences on the Mac, click on Sharing and remove the Internet Sharing checkmark in the box.

For all you people riding the Maui Bus and waiting at the stop, there is a new app called Transloc Rider that will tell you when the bus is going to arrive at various stops. Once the app is opened, choose Maui Bus.

Here are a couple of ways to free up some space or storage on your phone besides uploading or copying all your music and photos to the cloud or a flash drive. First, you can format your photos to save space using the new High-Efficiency format. Go to Settings, Camera, Formats and switch to High-Efficiency.

Another solution is to cut back on background apps refreshing, so again go to Settings, General, Background App Refresh and start unchecking boxes.

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