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The best new features in iOS 11

By Staff | Sep 28, 2017

It’s a big day, as iOS 11 comes out for the iPhone and iPad. Wow – so many new things. People probably won’t use most of them because they’ll have to read a book on how to use them… but that’s going to change today. I want to make it easy to show and tell you how to use the best of iOS 11 without having your dictionary next to you.

Let’s start off with Screen Shot. Let’s say you’re on a website looking for a 1957 Ford Edsel and want to take a snap shot of it and then add a pointer, a colored circle and some text and send it to your fourth wife as a birthday present. At the site with the car photo showing, just press the right side button on the iPhone and the bottom round home button at the same time. You will hear a snap, and the picture appears small on the lower left side. Quickly, and I mean FAST, click on the small picture, and a whole set of pencils and other cool stuff pops up. This is called MARKUP, and you can use these tools in many apps.

If you open up a photo, you can edit it and use the same tools called Markup. Let’s try one out. Open up a photo that you want to add some text to. On the upper right side, click on EDIT. On the bottom are tools to crop, lighten and darken the photo – but we don’t want to use them. Click on the circle with three dots inside of it and choose Markup. Now you have the same tools to add text and arrows.

The best part of using Markup is in the Notes App. Open up an old note and click on the bottom circle with a pen in it. The tools appear. But wait… open up a new note and on the bottom line click on the circle with a + in it. A menu pops up; click on Add Sketch. Look at all those pencil shapes that you can now use.

Let’s now talk about the Control Center. When you swipe up from the bottom, all these icons appear (in the past, I hardly ever used them). But now you can customize and add some really cool stuff. Go ahead and swipe up. You see Music, Flashlight, Airplane mode and more. But let’s add some things that will be more useful.

First, go to Settings and click on Control Center, then on Customize Controls. In the INCLUDE section, you can click on the red circle to remove any of the ones that you don’t like. Here comes the fun part. Go down to MORE CONTROLS and start choosing the ones you want. Click BACK to end your choosing. Now swipe up and see what you added.

Siri’s voice has changed, and it’s supposed to be more realistic. You can also ask Siri to translate from English to Chinese, Spanish, French and German. This will help you traveling to foreign countries when trying to communicate with smugglers.

The App Store is now a new app. I wasn’t really impressed with it. There is a new file system called FILES that lists all your files. Don’t think I’ll use that one, too.

There is a new setting called iPhone Storage that can clear your storage. Find it by going to Settings, General, iPhone Storage, and click on Offload Unused Apps, which will automatically offload unused apps when you’re low on storage. So, if you’re constantly getting low storage space messages, use this setting.

A one-handed keyboard is now built into the iPhone; to activate it, hold down on the smiley icon on the keyboard. But first you need to go to Settings, General, Keyboard and click on One-Handed Keyboard. I have an iPhone 7-Plus, which is the biggest, and this feature will really help me because the keys get shifted to one side, and I can quickly tap out a message with my thumb.

Apple maps now show the inside of airports and malls.

A new app called ARkit lets you superimpose computer graphics over your photos. You can paste another car in your photo that you took while on the Lahaina Bypass – now you won’t feel so lonely.

There is supposedly hundreds of new features on iOS 11, so in the next article, I’ll talk about more of them.

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