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iPhone X offers cool features

By Staff | Sep 21, 2017

The iPhone X just came out, and the front and back is all glass now, using facial recognition to open it up. There is also wireless charging, no home button and water resistance – just to start out with. The rest is all this Greek technical talk about video chips and other stuff that would put you to sleep in five minutes. More on that later…

Everyone is talking about the new keyboard for Androids and iPhones called GBOARD.

If you always wanted a dashcam for your car because you keep backing into garbage trucks, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. You can use your iPhone as a dashcam. Go to getnexar.com and order the stand (which is magnetic) along with the app. It works great.

Here is a good one for all you rebellious kids whose parents threatened to kick you out of the house if you get a tattoo. It’s an app that lets you draw any tattoo on your body when you’re in your bedroom with the door locked and bolted. When you close the app, the tattoo disappears, and you’re free to unlock the door your father’s been pounding on for the last half hour.

Here is a really cool app that everyone must get. Go to the App Store and search for Instashot. This app takes a picture and displays the text in the picture. When you select any of the text, Safari opens up and directs you to where the text came from.

So, let’s say you put on your sunglasses and snuck into Barnes and Noble to take a picture of a book cover that you’re not planning on buying (but going to download it on your iPhone – which, of course, bums them out). Open up the app, select the text showing the author’s name and click on search. The Internet opens up, and you get information on the author. Even Google Maps opens up, displaying the city of where he or she lives.

Okay, let’s get back to the new iPhone X and a few features to look forward to. First of all, the starting price is a whopping $999 for 64 gigs. To close an app, just swipe up. Swiping down from the right side brings up the Control Center.

A cool feature is called Portrait Lighting. So you take a picture of your girlfriend half drunk at a party holding up a full glass of Jim Beam, and after you snap the picture – which almost blinds her – you look at your screen and only her happy face shows up with the background blacked out.

To unlock the iPhone, you have to look at the front face and open up your eyes. If you drank too much and can’t open them up, you’re screwed.

To use Apple Pay, just double-click the side button and point it at the reader. I’ve been using it a lot and love the convenience of not pulling out my credit card.

Okay, let’s do a review of some cool things that I’ve written about in the past articles that you’ve probably forgotten about.

Looking at one of your photos, by double-clicking with your finger, it gets bigger.

Opening up your camera and double-clicking with three fingers turns it into a magnifying glass (good for looking at the small print of restaurant menus).

Instead of reading a news article, swipe with two fingers from the top of the screen – a menu opens up allowing you to turn the text into audio, so you can now listen.

Pressing on your phone icon opens up a display to call your favorites quickly or view recent voicemails.

Instead of typing a text in Messages, click on the lower microphone icon and talk, which displays the text. Or better yet, press the microphone in the grey circle to send a recorded message.

Even better, you can take a live video by clicking on the blue camera icon on the left side, then selecting camera and choosing video. Hit the red button to record something from the rear of the camera.

You can click on the camera icon with circle arrows in it to allow your beautiful face to show, then hit the red button to record. When finished, you can send a short video.

If you keep a lot of information in your calendar or notes, you can use the search function to locate a phone number or address of a person you added information for.

If you have over 100 apps, want to open one and can’t remember where it is, just swipe down, and in the search box type in the name of the app.

Tell Siri to remind you to shut off the water at 4 p.m., and an alarm then comes on.

Hold your phone up and say, “Hey Siri, call the IRS on speaker.” Then you’ll get a friendly man asking you what your bank account number is before they close it. Want to take a fast picture? Just swipe up and choose the camera icon – or better yet, just press on the camera icon, and you can choose quickly to take a video, “selfie,” photo or record slo-mo.

Ok, I hope all this refreshes your memory. Have fun.

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