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Parents can use the ReplyASAP app to touch base with their children

By Staff | Sep 14, 2017

Disney is entering the video streaming game, having just announced it’s pulling its movies from Netflix and building its own streaming service. Grab your popcorn.

Steve, the owner of Rainbow Glass, while on a vacation to China used the free call service app similar to Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp that’s called Viber.

All you kids reading this issue, get ready, because Mom and Pop are gonna get even with you for not contacting them after you passed out at a rave party! ReplyASAP is an app that lets parents contact their children – even if those kids always have their phones on silent.

Creator of the app, Nick Herbert, noticed that texting and calling his son didn’t get ahold of the boy. His son constantly had his phone on silent and was “too busy” to check in. Herbert realized if the alarm on his phone could still go off even when his phone was set to silent, then there had to be a way to do the same for text messages.

Currently only available for Android, ReplyASAP overrides the silent function of your phone whenever a text is sent through it. Though it can be used as an alternative for messaging apps or SMS, it’s mostly a great way to send emergency texts.

The last thing a teenager wants is for their parents to tie them down via an app, so it’s not meant for ongoing conversations. It easily lets kids respond that they’re fine.

I just downloaded a really cool app that takes 24 camera roll pictures, and when you finish with the last photo, it’s uploaded over the Internet to a photo service that develops – yes, develops – your digital photos, and in three days they send them back.

Remember when you took a roll of 24 and half of them came out blurry? Today’s digital camera gives you a choice of what best photos to keep. Well, this app takes you back to the ’80s and a walk down memory lane or to Fox Photo on Lahainaluna Road. So ask yourself – how many did you keep when you got them back?

The new IOS 11 coming out soon has some cool features you can use in the Control Center. It now uses 3D Touch to access more controls. Now you can access all your documents, including those stored in the iCloud Drive or even with third-party storage providers, which is fantastic if you’re storing documents on Google.

If you’re driving on the Lahaina Bypass, you have an option to use “Do Not Disturb,” which automatically keeps notifications and text messages from interrupting you while driving. Now you won’t miss that Lahainaluna exit coming from Keawe Street one mile away.

There is a Fun Live Photo effect that is like a loop or bounce when you take a picture. For example, taking a photo of a kid diving off the Hana Bridge, you can watch him hit the water, reverse him right back up on the rail and watch the police arrest him.

Music fans can take advantage of Apple Music learning your tastes; so, if you like polkas, ask Siri to play some Lawrence Welk oldies.

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