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Zoom text to make reading webpages easier

By Staff | Aug 17, 2017

For all you old-timers with Coke bottle glasses that have a hard time reading text on a webpage, I have the perfect solution that helps you, so you don’t have to change the zoom on a webpage every time you visit a new site. With Safari in Sierra, you can set a default zoom amount. Open up Safari and click on Preferences, Advanced, Page Zoom. You can set 125 percent as the default zoom, and all pages will open like that from now on. Individual pages will still remember your last zoom setting.

Be aware of a new phone scam that will ask you a question trying to get you to say YES. If you respond with a YES, your phone bill could explode. So if you get a strange call from someone with a heavy foreign accent asking if your name is Elwood P. Suggens from Belbrook, Ohio, don’t say YES – just ask him why he is calling.

I keep reading rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8 due out in October or November with a starting price of $1,400 that’s supposed to have wireless charging and face recognition instead of the fingerprint option. I’ll keep you informed on upcoming new features.

The site www.Mobstub.com offers an iFlash USB drive that both iPhone and Android users can use to backup their pictures. At their website, type IFLASH DRIVE in the search box. This is the newest backup device out on the market and easy to use. The iFlash drive plugs into the lightning port of your iPhone, and the app helps you backup your pictures, so you can then delete them.

Now you can pull it out of the iPhone and plug the other end, which is a USB port, into your computer and dump the photos there if you want. You should get this new iFlash drive and clean up your iPhone pictures that are taking up space, and then you won’t have to pay for extra space on your iCloud drive.

Here is another cool product that can be used for many things, which I just ordered. By going to www.trendcountry.com, you can buy a tiny thin inspection cable, hooking up to the iPhone, that’s 15 feet long for $44.95. This thin, flexible cable has a small camera lens on the end and displays a picture on your iPhone. Could this be used for a home colonoscopy? Or for finding out your clogged drain has a spoon shoved down it, after your five-year-old kid spent an hour playing in the bathroom?

While we’re talking about spending your money on devices over the Internet, I just bought a TILE at www.thetileapp.com that helps locate your lost keys or anything else small. I’m always looking for my car keys and my leather carrying case, and this tile is a tiny square – about the size of a Nabisco cracker – that attaches on to a key ring, and by using your iPhone, you can locate it by a map or sound. And the best part of the tile is that other people who have it can help locate your lost keys if it’s near them or in their area. They can send out a text telling you that it’s in their location area.

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