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New computers to feature revamped, faster USB ports

By Staff | Jun 8, 2017

The new look for the USB port on new computers coming out soon looks like the new Apple power cable for the iPhone. This new cable, called USB-3 or USB-C, will only connect to new printers, mice, cameras and keyboards. It’s supposed to transfer data four times faster at 40 gigabytes per second versus the old USB port at 10 gigabytes per second. If someone with an older computer wanted to buy a new accessory – like a keyboard that comes with a USB-C cable – they would have to buy some sort of adapter or dock to plug it in. So, that means if you buy a new computer with these new USB 3-0 ports, you can’t plug in your old keyboard, mouse and printer. What a bummer. Hopefully they will have an adapter dock you can buy… or ask your boss for a pay raise.

Apple users have a head start in the switch to USB-C, as its latest lineup of MacBook Pro laptops features only USB-C ports.

Apple will unveil iOS 11 on June 5, the day of its WWDC keynote event that is rumored to radically change the face of the iPhone. The update will be provided to developers immediately to create new apps.

On your Apple TV, you can now download the Twitter app.

You might start getting many more voicemails if Republicans get their wish. You could get a voice message from any ad company or your favorite Viagra pharmacy directly to your voicemail box on your smartphone without it ringing. These ringless voicemails are already happening, but their legal status is unclear. Two apps that I use to detect Spam calls are Number Guru and Truecaller. Number Guru lets you type in and look up a suspicious number, and it will let you see where it originated from. Truecaller will automatically alert you to incoming Spam callers. Both are some of the best apps that I use daily.

Hackers can hide computer viruses in online video subtitles and use them to take control of computers and smart TVs, security experts have warned. The attacks are embedded within the subtitle files that accompany many illegally downloaded films and programs like VLC, Kodi, Popcorn Time and Stremio. There could be more also. The security group that discovered the flaw said millions of people who use video software, including to stream or play films and TV shows on computers, could be at risk. They warned that the attack lets hackers take “complete control” over any type of device using the software.

Bonnie Fox, who is an artist displaying her art at Village Gallery, asked me how can she remember all the potential clients that come into the gallery? Well, here is a neat trick that’s easy to use. When a potential customer comes in and wants to purchase a Picasso, all you have to do is open up your smartphone’s camera, press and start a video recording asking him his name, telephone number and address. A month later, when you get a call from Joe Jones asking if you remember his red necktie on April 4, you can quickly look it up in your photo app on the phone and recall he’s bald, over 400 pounds with a checkbook hanging out of his shirt pocket. Compete the sale and send me 10 percent.

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