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Valuable tricks for iPhones

By Staff | Mar 23, 2017

I finally figured out how to get all my iCloud apps to show up on the iPhone. Before it only showed three icons, which forced me to use my laptop to see all the apps.

Now you’ll be able to see your Calendar, Notes, Photos, Reminders and Contacts on your iPhone. Open up Safari and type in www.icloud.com. Once opened, click down to the bottom of the screen in the box with the up arrow in it. On the bottom menu, scroll to the right and then choose Request Desktop Site. Now all your apps show up.

Here is a valuable trick that will help you go back to a display on your iPhone screen when somehow you lost that page (when your finger slipped on the screen as you were trying to look up at a Hong Kong dinner menu). Just press and hold your finger on the left edge of your iPhone screen, and when a few screens start to appear, release really quick. Now just swipe to the right until you find the screen that somehow disappeared.

I just found out that the new iPhone 8 won’t have a home button to press for your thumb or finger touch ID. Instead, the button will be virtual or look like an icon on the screen. To sign in, now it will require face recognition, so don’t set-up your new iPhone 8 after a long night at the Dirty Monkey Bar.

Also the new IOS 10.3 coming out soon will now have a Find My AirPods feature. Most new printers now have a feature built in them called AirPrint, which allows you to print a photo from your iPhone or iPad.

Try this: go into Photos, select a photo and click on the icon on the bottom that has a box with an up arrow key. Choose Print and make sure your printer’s name shows up. I have an HP printer and downloaded the app (Eprint) and another one called (HP ePrint). They give me more options like paper size and black and white.

When you copy something, it stays hidden in the Clipboard. To see the Clipboard of what you copied on your Mac, click on the Finder, then choose Edit, Show Clipboard. You’ll get a little window with the clipboard contents. This works best with text and images. Other sorts of data may not display.

If you want to use iMessage to chat with your new North Korean girlfriend, but you can’t write or speak the language, then download the app ITRANSLATE, which is an instant translator. It translates your text into many different languages.

A new app called Cloak It will only display your iMessages when you use your touch ID; otherwise, the message is hidden. You can use it to send Social Security numbers, passwords or photos to a company or friend, and it won’t be displayed on your iPhone iMessage screen. Nice to use when sitting at the airport and a beautiful blonde sitting next to you wants to copy your bank account transfer code.

Finally, if anyone is looking for an iMac desktop, give me a call at 665-1025 for a good deal.