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How to make Siri help you with reminders

By Staff | Mar 2, 2017

Here’s a neat trick you can use when viewing a Safari web page or within any Apple App. Just raise your phone and say “Hey Siri” or double-tap the home button to activate Siri. When you say, “remind me THIS,” whatever is displayed on the screen will be placed in your reminder list. The key word is “THIS.”

So, let’s say you’re in Safari viewing an MSN.com news article and want to read it later on in the afternoon, after you drop your mother-in-law off at the airport. All you have to do is say, “Remind me THIS at 5 o’clock,” and it’ll show up in your reminder list.

Did you know that your scrollbar doesn’t show up anymore in Sierra? Now you can get it back if you go into System Preferences, General, click on “Show Scroll Bars” and click on ALWAYS.

Sometimes you download a program or app off the Internet, and you get a message saying it can’t run because it’s not a “Bona Fide Apple App.” Well, you’re not screwed. You can go into System Preferences, Security & Privacy, and General, click on the yellow padlock, put your password in to unlock it, then click on “App Store and Identified Developers.” Now the program will run normally.

Another neat trick people don’t know about is that you can use your mouse to move to any of the four corners of your screen to open different programs and even a screen saver. It’s called Hot Corners. Open up System Preferences, Mission Control, and at the bottom click on Hot Corners. For example, I clicked on the top left box with the up and down arrow keys in it and chose Launchpad. Now when I want to see a list or open any program and app, I just move my mouse to the top left corner and can tap on any program icon. If you move your mouse back up to the left corner, it closes Launchpad.

I use the iBooks app to read all my books, but did you know that there’s a way of turning that text into audio, where you can just sit back and now listen to it? While your book is open, tap on the top right to bring up a menu, select the “aA,” click on the “Scrolling View” box, then tap anywhere to close the menu. Now swipe with two fingers down from the top of your iPad, and a menu appears with a rabbit and turtle; it will automatically begin reading your book. You might have to swipe a few times to get the menu bar to show, because it’s a little tricky. The bar disappears and leaves a circle with a “>” in it. To stop the audio, tap it; the menu bar comes up, and you can tap the “X.” The rabbit makes the speaker talk faster, and the turtle, slower.

Many times you want to take a screenshot or copy a webpage that could be three or four pages long, like your airplane ticket to Pakistan. Instead of taking individual screenshots, just click on the top left, choose File and Export as a PDF. Now when you click on that saved file, all three of those pages show up.

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