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More tricks for iPad and iPhone users

By Staff | Feb 9, 2017

When you choose an e-mail address of a friend and two different ones show up all the time – and you know one of them is five years old and not ever used again – what can you do to get rid of it? Well, it’s pretty simple. Open up Mail, click on the Windows tab on the top and choose Previous Recipients. Scroll down and delete that person’s old e-mail address.

Here is a nice trick for you iPad users that want to split the screen and have two Safaris showing up. You need to have your settings set to view horizontal, so swipe up from the bottom and click on the rotation button that looks like a safe lock. Now you can turn your iPad on the side and open up Safari. Open up your favorite website, click on the double box icon located up on the top right-hand side, then choose Split Screen. Another way is by holding your finger on a link; a menu box shows up allowing you to choose split screen. It’s fun having two Safaris showing up at the same time, allowing you to check out a price at two different websites.

This is different from the split screen mode where you can work with two different apps. That’s done by holding up the iPad vertically and swiping left. That divides the screen on the left and on the right. So, here is a good example to try. Open up Notes, which will display a full screen, then swipe your finger starting on the far right to the left. Notes opens up on the side. On the side, slide your finger from the top down and choose from a selection of apps you want to open. Try to open up Maps. The nice thing about this is that you can copy a map over to the Note side.

Another trick on the iPhone is to rotate it horizontal and open up the Message app. Tap the line to begin typing a message, and an icon on the very right bottom opens up allowing you to choose a handwritten message. Tap your selected message, and it appears in the send box.

Netflix now allows you to download videos.

Everyone is getting a kick out of using Emojis. Here is a trick to replace a word with an Emoji. Let’s say you’re sending your girlfriend a love message in Messenger. When you type in the word “LOVE,” a heart appears on the right. Click on the heart, and it now appears on the message line replacing the word “LOVE.” Another one is “OK,” where a hand appears.

A neat trick to search for a specific set of photos is to open up Photos and choose Albums. On the top right, click on Search and type in the word “BEACH.” All the beach photos will now appear.

Lately I’ve been using Google Talk to find things on the Internet instead of using Siri. Click on Google, say “OK GOOGLE,” and speak what you are looking for.

Amazon’s Alexa also competes with Siri and Google and is becoming the best artificial intelligence assistant out there. People say it’s much better.

Are you losing your new Airpods after spending $159? There is a new feature called “Find my Airpods” coming out soon.

Check out WeChat, which is a competitor of Facebook. It supports digital payments, banking, news updates and mini programs for Apple’s IOS and Android phones.

One last app that is fun to use is called FABBY. Try it out.

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