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Remote access cameras available for surveillance

By Staff | Jan 12, 2017

Facebook now has Group Video Chat, where you can make a live video call on your Facebook app and see and talk to a person. The best part is that you can add more people to your session. Apple is about to do the same with their app.

I just received two video cameras in the mail that I placed around the house for surveillance. The first one is called Canary, and you can go to their website at Canary.com. Their camera will record while you are away from home, even using night vision. The best part is that it has a battery in it – so that you don’t need to plug it into the wall – and you can place it anywhere around the house or even outside in the yard. You can even see live video from your iPhone or Android while out on the road.

The second camera is from Sricam and it’s even better. It comes with a stand, and you can manually rotate it 180 degrees from your iPhone app. It has a slot where you can insert a 16-gigabyte SS card, like the kind you put into video cameras and store your recorded video. It also has sound and a microphone, so that while eating at McDonald’s, you can yell at your dog to get off the couch. Also, it has a night vision mode. You can see and buy it at Sricam.com.

I found a new app called Print Studio, where you can send in your iPhone or Android photos and get them printed fairly cheap. They also offer to print them in a book with a soft or hard cover, but the best thing about this site is that they can print on aluminum.

Another cool app I found is called Duobook, where you can download a book and have the choice to either read it or switch over and listen.

Did you know that you can share a news article with a friend? While viewing an ABC news article, just swipe to the left and tap share to send the same article to a friend.

In your Photo app, you can tap the heart on a special photo and it is put into your Favorites album. A lot of people don’t know that you can edit a photo. Choose a photo and click on the three lines on the bottom next to the trashcan. You can choose crop, a choice of filters (the icon looks like three bubbles), and a clock icon that when opened up has light, color and black and white menus. If you choose the light button by pressing on the circle with a “V” in it, a menu pops up giving you seven choices. The color button gives you three choices. I’ve taken a photo and, after playing around with all the options, made it into a postcard picture. Try it and see for yourself.

Many times I’m in Safari and want to visit another website but keep the current one on the screen. That involves having two Safaris on your screen, so you have to somehow split the screens to see both. Well, here is how easy it is to do it. Just open up Safari, then click on File at the top left and choose New Window. Another Safari appears on the screen, and to get both screens side-by-side, just click and hold on the green circle button on the top left and drag it to the left side. Now you have two webpages opened up. You can do this with other apps, too.

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