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Cool tricks for iPhones

By Staff | Dec 22, 2016

Don’t walk around in the dark – triple-click on the Home Button to bring up a menu, where you can click on the “Z” to turn on your flashlight.

Here is a cool trick: slide up from the bottom and unlock the rotation icon that looks like a padlock. Now open up text message and rotate your phone. Handwritten messages show up. In mail, just press down on a message to see a preview of the message and swipe left for more options. If you delete or erase something, just shake your iPhone to undo it. To get a refund for an app that you just bought, go to reportaproblem.apple.com, choose your purchase and request a refund.

Netflix now lets you download movies onto your iPhone so you can watch them later on (especially if you’re on an airplane).

There is a new app called PIE, where you can take a 360-degree video on your iPhone and post it to a network of people who also have the app and also share their videos. I met some really nice people from all around the country that share videos of their town and favorite places.

Apple is about to ship the new AirPods that cost about $159. People who have had the chance to use them say that they fall out of your ear constantly. So, a few companies have invented a curved piece that attaches to the AirPod and curves around your ear.

When the new iPhone upgrade came out, you had to press down on the Home Button to unlock it to get to your home screen. Now you can return to the lightly press way by going into Settings, General, Acessibility, Home Button and click on “Rest Finger to Open.”

The iPhone 7 has a duel camera lens, and you can use it to zoom in on an object. Open up the camera and you will see a circle with (1x) in it. Press on it and slide it to the left to start the zoom. I love the portrait mode, which will focus on the foreground and leave the background blurry.

Want to send a hidden message to your girlfriend so that other people won’t see it? Open up the text message, type in your secret message, then press and hold the up arrow key that opens up a menu; you can now choose invisible ink by tapping the tiny grey circle, then hit the blue arrow up button to send it. When she gets the message, it looks like a bunch of flashing dots. All she has to do to view it is just rub her finger across it.

I’m not that good typing on the iPhone keypad, so when I want to send a text, instead of typing it, I can press the microphone icon next to the space bar and start talking. The text magically appears. Also, you can send an audio file by pressing and holding the microphone icon on the right side of the message bar. When finished, click on the up arrow.

You can also send a video text by pressing on the left box and choosing the camera icon. Click on the white circle to begin filming.

If you’re looking at a news story and want to share it with a friend, just swipe left and tap Share.

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