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How to create your own free website to share pictures

By Staff | Dec 8, 2016

In photo sharing on the Mac, you can create your own free webpage and place it on the Internet so people can see all of your photos. If you’re having a family gathering, a customer or company that you need to send 20 photos, most likely your e-mail provider will tell you that it only allows four at a time.

Creating your own personal free website will allow everyone to see them. Here is how to create it: open up the Photo program on the Mac and notice the column on the left that’s labeled Shared. The first label in the column is named Activity, so now you want to create your own label that will display underneath Activity. Just click on All Photos to display your collection and then start choosing the ones you want by holding down the Command key and clicking your mouse over the ones you want. When finished selecting, click the icon on the top right that has a square box with a pointed arrow in it. Choose iCloud Photo Sharing, click on the + box and create a name. Click on Create. Now on the left side under Shared is your new titled album that you just created. Click on it to see the photos.

Now comes the fun part: once you are looking at your photos in your new named folder, click on the circle with a person located inside it on the top right next to the icon with the box and arrow in it that you just used. Select the box Public Website, which will create your new website showing in blue letters. You can copy the website down, send it to people and even copy it to Safari and go to it yourself.

Remember the old paint program in Windows? Now you can use one just like it, only it’s not a program or app. It’s called Kiddopaint, and you log onto the Internet at Kiddopaint.com to use it.

If you like to watch documentaries, there is a really cool app called Rocumentaries. Go to Rocumentaries.com.

Here is an app where you can create a T-shirt design and sell your shirt. The app is called Bonfire. Download bonfire.com.

A new tracking device that has a louder ringing sound than the Tile device that I bought last year is called Chipolo. Four of them cost only $17.49 each. Go to shop.chipolo.netyou. I just received my order and compared it to the Tile product that I ordered; I don’t need to turn up my hearing aid to find my lost iPhone.

For those of you who use Craigslist to buy, sell and place ads for roommates, be careful of a couple of new scams. If you place an ad for a roommate, you might get a long e-mail from a person telling you that he/she is overseas, planning on moving to your area, and that he/she will send you the deposit in the mail. Don’t cash it If you do, you’ll end up paying the bank back. Another scam recently uncovered is a person on Maui, using the name of a bird, moves into your home. The very next day, they claim they hurt themselves on your property, call up the police and paramedics, then sue you the next day for medical expenses. It’s very important to get references of anyone wanting to move into your home.

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