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New Google Allo can be used with Macs

By Staff | Oct 13, 2016

So, now that Sierra is out for the Mac and IOS 10 for the iPhone and iPad, we’re seeing a lot of new stuff. Siri is now installed on the Apple computer and works the same as on the iPhone but more powerful.

Google has decided to give Apple a run for it and just launched Google Allo, which can be used by the Apple people. You can talk with text and video to other people.

They just broke the barrier at SanDisk and started shipping new one-terabyte SDXC cards (the same cards you insert into your digital camera slot, if anyone ever uses them).

If you’re a traveler and don’t speak a foreign language, I have the most amazing app for you. Instant Translate allows you to write in English, and it automatically translates it to another language with the ability to use audio.

In my last issue, I mentioned an app for the Mac that shows you hidden settings, and I misspelled the name. It’s Arthur-osx.com, and it’s a great feature to use.

Here is a small history of USB ports that you use to hook up a mouse, printers and other stuff. The USB 2.0 port on your computer’s side had data transfer speeds of 480 megabits per second. USB 3.0 was launched in 2008 with speeds of up five gigabits per second. The new USB 3.1 now has connection speeds up to ten gigabits per second.

Get the free Photo Duplicate Cleaner for Mac notebooks at the App Store.

Did you know that you can change colors in many apps? In the TextEdit app, you will notice a solid black box on the top line. Click on it, and a color wheel shows up, allowing you to change text colors.

The PHIL app matches you with a top-rated, locally owned pharmacy that fills and delivers your medications to you on time, every month, with tracking and a “never run out” guarantee. Better yet, delivery is FREE. PHIL does all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to, whether it be troubleshooting your insurance or chasing after your doctor for refill renewals.

Tell Siri to pronounce “Trump.” It will give you two options. Just select: 1) Dump, or 2) Trump.

When writing in the Notes app, you’ll notice the world-looking round icon. If you have another keyboard app installed like Kanvas, or want an emoji, just press hard on the world, and a list shows up.

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