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More cool apps and websites

By Staff | Sep 1, 2016

The website http://netflixcodes .me/?ref=producthunt shows all those hidden secret categories in Netflix. This is a cool site that shows you much more than the regular Netflix menu.

Want to send an e-mail to someone and don’t want them to know who sent it – and even get a reply back? Check out a new app called Blankstamp (http://blankstamp.io/?ref=producthunt).

To select text, most people hold down both the Command and the C keys at the same time to copy the text, and then they hold down both the Command key and the V key at the same time to paste it. I have some good news for lazy finger people: now you don’t have to hold down both keys at the same time.

On Apple computers, open up System Preferences and go to Accessibility. Scroll on down, click on Keyboard and check the box Enable Sticky Keys. Now when you want to copy a selected text or webpage, just press and release the Command key, then press and release the C key. To paste it in a Word document, just press and release the Command key and press and release the V key.

Call (855) 464-6872 to summon an Uber car ride without using a smartphone app.

There is a great site with hundreds of new Siri commands that most people don’t know about and can be extremely useful; go to https://hey-siri.io/?ref=producthunt. Another good site to see top publication is https://toppub.xyz/? ref=producthunt; check it out.

People don’t realize that artificial blue light on your computer display is tricking your body and brain into thinking it’s daytime. Because of this, your body is not creating melatonin needed to sleep. Now you can change your background reading to a black screen with white letters on the iPad and iPhone.

When opening up iBooks to read your favorite horror story, look for the characters “aA” on the top right. Press on it and choose a different background, or click on auto-night theme.

I just found out that Dropbox has the ability to scan a document.

Google just came out with its own Facetime app called Google Duo, which can be used on both Apple and Android phones. So now you Android people can call us Apple people up and see our smiley, friendly faces.

Treetotub.com has a new product called Soapberry, which are small fruit berries that when crushed turn into natural soap.

Airfordable.com is a new site that will secure your airfare in advance when prices are cheaper.

The new Macbook Pro has Touch ID and is expected to be slightly thinner than the current generation. With the touch ID placed on the power off and on button, it will read your fingerprint.

A really nice site to visit called My90stv.com has all the old TV shows from the 1990s.

The app FAST will tell you the speed of your iPhone. Mine was 40 Mbps.

The new iPhone 7 will be out soon. The only big difference expected is the duo camera lens. Wait for the eight to come out.

Here is a neat trick to delete a letter. Just press the FN and Delete keys to delete a letter, and FN+Option+Delete to delete the whole word.

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