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Cool apps read the latest news and summarize books

By Staff | Jul 28, 2016

Do your earplugs get tangled up all the time? Cableyoyo winds up your earplug cable around a slit into something like a New York bagel that has a magnet in the center hole to keep the plugs attached to it. Go to www.bluelounge.com; it costs only $9.95.

Siri has a lot of voice commands for the iPhone, and now Google has an app called OK Google that can perform over 150 commands on Android phones. Go to “OK-Google.io.”

MEEP is a pretty cool app if you are driving around town and want to get the latest news. You just listen to it instead of reading it – that could take you swerving all over the Lahaina Bypass at rush hour. To download it, go to Google and in the search box type in “MEEP,” then scroll down to Meep-Listen to News.

Here is a good trick to see what’s in the trash bin. Open up the Trash, click on a file or photo and then press the space bar to view what’s in it.

Want to do something really cool with your photos? An app called Prisma takes any of your photos and transforms it into a Salvador Dali or a Capt Kenny. Download the app Hurricane Pro and see which island’s going to get hit first.

Want to be a detective and find out something about someone you just hired? A new app, Gaddr, will let you search and find that person.

For you kids starting school, and the teacher hands out your first assignment to read five books in one week, here is an app that will, within 15 minutes, summarize the whole book. It’s called Instaread. Another one is called Summize. Don’t tell your teacher that I’m the one making you cheat.

Siri coming out soon in the new Sierra operating system for Macs will open up Microsoft Word files. While in Word, you can also ask Siri to look up some photos of cars, which then opens up Safari. Then ask Siri to paste the 1963 Edsel into your Word document. And while in Word, ask Siri to send it out as an e-mail or a message.

I’ve been debating whether or not to buy an Apple Watch for quite a long time, so when I had my daily morning coffee with Dick Sargent, owner of Sargent’s Fine Art, I almost fell out of my seat and spit my three-shot latte when he showed me his new Samsung Gear 2 watch. I saw him tell his watch to call his gallery to see if all the artwork in the place sold out last night. So, if you see me walking down Front Street talking to my arm, it could be YOU that I’m calling.

Tania Friese, who owns a dog walking and sitting business called Mo Bettah Pet Care (808-633-5726), tried the new update of Iota Tracker that I wrote about a while back that can track your dog using GPS and Google Maps. This new update added signal strength and the ability of other Iota base stations in the area to help locate an animal. She was impressed about how well it worked for her. Go to to Support @iotera.com to learn more and buy one.

Believe it or not, the new iPhone update, 9.3.3, makes your iPhone faster, smoother and more responsive.

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