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iOS 10 to offer cool features

By Staff | Jul 14, 2016

Want to build a website but can’t spend a lot of money for someone to do it or learn all the codes and do it yourself? Well, visit a site called “Bubble.”

The new Google search called Google Springboard can search across Google Drive, Gmail, Contacts, and all Google services at once.

What’s new with Apple? iOS 10 has a lot of cool stuff due out in July, but it will only work on newer iPhones, iPads or iPod Touches that don’t use the old 30-pin dock connector like the iPhone 4s and iPad 2s. Notifications can display photos, videos and audio.

Siri is getting a facelift and will do a lot more. Examples like: “Look for a beach photo taken last summer in MYPhotos app.” Or, “Send 100 dollars to John for dinner last night using MyPayApp.”

Now you can delete all the default Apple apps on your iPhone – like the Stocks app – and then go to the App Store and re-download them again. Apple is putting more 3D Touch and Emojis everywhere.

When you swipe up on the iPhone, you get the Control Center menu with the flashlight, camera plus bigger AirPlay and AirDrop buttons.

If you slide to the right on the Control Center, there is a pane for volume and playback controls for your music and a photo of the album.

If you 3D touch on the flashlight, you get more functions (same with the camera).

Raise to wake your phone and blow past the lock screen pressing buttons. On the lock screen, you can now swipe left to get the camera; swiping up brings widgets. This will only work on the new iPhones, so if you have a 5 or 5C, you’ll have to punch in your four-digit code.

New programs made by non-Apple developers can use the 3D Touch.

The Maps app knows where you parked your car… like that will help half of my friends!

Apple will move old music into the Cloud that you don’t listen to often and free up more space.

The new HomeKit app will use Siri to turn on your coffee maker, open shades, set lights to dim and more.

The new Photo app can create a small clip from videos or photos of a specific trip. It can also face-recognize the people in it, create albums based on face recognition and do the same for object and scene recognition.

In messages, you can say, “Say it loud,” and see bigger text, or use invisible ink that only displays when you slide your finger over it.

Messages also has handwritten notes, text animations, bigger Emojis, gifs and images. It also uses 3D touch and responds to a message without leaving the lock screen.

If you hate listening to voicemails, Apple will now let you know what it says via text.

Ok, here is a good app to download: Waltr for Mac lets you transfer any movie or song to the iPhone without iTunes.

Facebook just announced that some accounts are being hijacked by duplication. Your picture and name are being used to create a new account, and this pirate asks your friends to add him or her. This new person that is supposed to be YOU can write anything he or she wants. The red flag is not to accept a second invitation from your friends.

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