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Cool websites to check out

By Staff | Jun 9, 2016

Many people have problems viewing e-mails and websites, because the fonts are so small that you need a magnifying glass. Well, there is some good news that will remedy this problem.

In Safari, some websites will show four small lines located on the top left side of the address bar. Just click on them and you’ll see larger text and less pictures. And if you click on the “aA” on the right side, you can enlarge the font, change colors and try out different font types. Another way is to click VIEW on the top line and choose Zoom In.

If you are planning on buying the new iPhone 7, hold off. Wait for the iPhone 8 (due out next year) that will have a full glass case and more features.

I found a couple of cool websites that you might want to look into (I open them up every day on my iPhone). One is called Producthunt.com. This site has everything, from all the new inventions, latest apps, books and so many topics to choose from. For instance, a product from the site called Formcard.com has a plastic card about the size of a credit card that you drop into hot water, and it becomes flexible enough that it will form any shape. You could use it to mold and repair broken plastic tent poles.

Another one, Callfrank.org, will call you up every night and remind you take a pill, turn off the sprinkler system or any other important thing you forget to remember. Another one called Pinterest.com has some cool topics like home improvement, dcor, travel, art, recipes, dogs, and garden design – just to name a few.

Google just introduced DUO, which is the equivalent to Facetime on the iPhone and Mac. Google Allo is like Message on the iPhone. Google Home is a small device that sits on your table that allows you to get answers from Google search, stream music and manage every day tasks like turning on lights, making hotel reservations, booking a flight, getting traffic updates, starting a video on your TV and many more things to come.

Another good app called ducumentaryaddict.com has thousands of the best documentaries that will keep you glued to your computer. For your Mac laptop, try going to www.my90stv.com and watch all the old movies and shows from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Airmailapp.com is the new, fastest e-mail program for El Capitan on the Mac. It supports Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, live.com and many more.

There are so many camera apps out there that you just don’t know which one to download or buy? Well, I tested many and found one that will enhance all of your photos: Musecam. Try it.

One last trick: while looking at a video you shot on your iPhone, you can snap a photo of your favorite scene by pressing on the top or right off and on button and the bottom home button at the same time.

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