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Are you square?

By Staff | May 19, 2016

Need to start taking credit cards for your business? Everyone is talking about the new credit card slider device called Square that plugs in the headphone jack on top or underneath the iPad or the iPhone and uses most major credit cards.

I downloaded the app and set it up for Carolyn Jackson, who is in the business of helping people with emotional needs. It was pretty straightforward, and we had to set-up an iCloud account that one uses to buy apps and iTunes music. It can also be used as an e-mail account.

Okay, your rich uncle calls you up after 23 years, wants to make contact with you on Skype but doesn’t know how to use it. Instead of talking him through it for two hours on the phone, now you can be a movie producer and create a small video clip to show him how to do it step by step.

On your Mac computer, open up the QuickTime program and choose File, New Screen Recording. Click on the video button, which begins taping anything that’s displayed on your screen. Now open up the Skype program, and while it’s being recorded, show him how to go through the start and set-up process. Click the Command and Tab keys at the same time to bring up the QuickTime menu, then click on the Escape key to end the video and save it. Now, when sending him an e-mail, just click the paper clip icon – that will attach the video clip you just made that is located in the document folder. When he opens up his e-mail, he can watch, learn how to set-up Skype and hopefully send the $3,000,000 inheritance you’ve been waiting for.

A lot of times, when you send a photo of your friends, it’s nice to be able to see the names of the people in the photo. One way is to insert your photo in an e-mail by clicking on the camera icon and choosing a picture. Then, by lightly pressing on the photo, a menu shows up. Choose Markup, and you can insert text or draw a mustache on your girlfriend.

Another way is to download the app called THIS, where you can place a pointed arrow toward a person and insert text. The app called Inkboard lets you draw with a magic marker or a crayon effect.

Need to delete 2,365 e-mails you really don’t need, but you think you’ll end up putting a callus on your finger deleting them one at a time? On the iPhone, select Edit, Mark All, Mark as Unread, then click on the Trash barrel. On the Mac, choose Edit, Select All and click on the Trash Can above.

Did you know that when you open the Camera app, you can lightly touch the screen and a slider adjustment pops up to make it lighter or darker?

If you download the free iPad User Guide from the iBook Store, you won’t have to read any more of my articles. Of course, I don’t recommend it. So, have a great week and get ready for another good one next time.

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