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Tips to keep important data protected on your iPhone

By Staff | Apr 28, 2016

One of the best and newest features on the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers is the ability to create a security lock on the Notes app where you can password protect your important data.

I use it to keep all my passwords, pictures of all my credit cards, birth certificate, driver’s license, insurance card and other important stuff on a special folder.

To insert a photo of your credit card, open up a new note and click on the circle with a plus in it. A new menu bar shows up on the bottom, where you can click on the camera icon; choose Photo Library and click on a picture of your credit card to insert it in the note.

This software upgrade with the password protection hides it so nobody can see it.

Now, to password protect the Notes app on the Mac computers, look for a Safe-like icon on the top menu bar (the iPhone and iPad don’t have one). To lock a note on the iPhone, click on the box with an arrow pointing up in it; a menu pops up, and you will see a safe lock icon that says “lock Note.”

So many of my customers lose their e-mail passwords on a scrap piece of paper that they started their barbecue with. Now you can safely save them on your iPhone or Mac.

You can press touch to get a glimpse of a note without opening it, and there are two new icons on the bottom. One of them can make a checklist, and the other one lets you scribble.

When you turn on your Mac, you can now change the desktop picture and replace it with a photo of your mother-in-law.

To add this special photo to your Mac desktop, open up the Photos app; then, on the dock, click on Settings, Desktop and Screen Saver. In the upper left-hand corner is where you are going to drag her photo from the photo app over to there. Now Mom is smiling at you everyday when you turn on your computer.

To bypass auto correction on the iPad or iPhone when you’re typing a word that isn’t in the dictionary, like “Liliuokalani,” you can see three separate choices spaced above your keyboard. Choose the one on the left.

Control click is like using right-click on a mouse – a menu pops up allowing you to Copy, Cut and Paste.

Mark from the Lahaina News just called to inform me about a possible attack from the latest Apple QuickTime upgrade. Don’t install it. Also, Adobe’s Flash Player has the same issue.

Saw this on YouTube: cut off 12 inches of speaker wire, wrap it on the outside of your iPhone and spread it out evenly. Next, cut off enough aluminum foil to wrap the phone once. Now attach the charging cable and plug your phone into the electrical outlet. Count up from one to ten, then disconnect the plug. If your iPhone had a 10 percent charge, this process within ten seconds should have recharged it to 70 percent. Try it!

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