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Two new complaints

By Staff | Apr 14, 2016

I’ve been informed by several people who visited a store that sells and repairs Apple products, and they were told the store won’t repair any Apple device over three years old. They also said they were pressured into buying a new Apple computer. Well, folks, BRING ‘EM ON! I don’t care if your Apple iMac, Airbook or Macbook Pro is 50 years old; I’ll do my best to repair them.

Next is a complaint from many of my customers that keep getting a message to upgrade their computer to Windows 10. Last week, I had four people bring in their computers that upgraded to Windows 10 without their consent. Some had it happen overnight, waking up to find it installed, their printer not working, no Wi-Fi, and in one case, no audio. I saved their data, removed Windows 10 and reinstalled Windows 7.

There is a three-step process to remove this upgrade message before you wake up and start to flip out. It’s a little complicated, but when done, it won’t ever come back. Give me a call at 665-1025, and I can help you remove it before it automatically installs Windows 10 without your permission.

Turn on your TV! Google introduced Chromecast in 2013. It’s a small device that connects to the TV and allows users to stream video from their mobile TVs into “smart TVs.”

Roku has been at the “smart TV” game since 2008. Amazon followed suit with Amazon Fire TV in April 2014. All of these devices allow users to stream from online services they already have access to, like Netflix or Hulu.

In September 2015, Apple released its fourth-generation Apple TV, where developers can create apps, Siri commands and a new remote. Today news broke that Google has partnered with TV manufacturer Vizio to make Chromecast a built-in component of many new Vizio TVs.

It is now said that closing all background apps has no impact on battery life. Well, there are exceptions. If you have a video surveillance app running in the background and not close it, it will suck your battery dry.

Waze is a turn-by-turn navigation app that focuses on a social network where drivers can share information about accidents, speed traps, road closures and more. It is solely for navigation by car.

Google Maps is much more akin to a traditional map, has a variety of transportation options and is packed with additional information about businesses, monuments and everything else you’re used to seeing in a map app.

Back in 2013, Google bought Waze, but it has kept Google Maps and Waze separate for the most part. They share data occasionally, but otherwise they’re totally different apps with different functions and navigation tricks. Google Maps adds incident reports from Waze, and Waze gets better search capability.

In El Capitan, you can double-click a window’s title bar to zoom. This means it will expand the window to its maximum size.

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