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New tracking device launched

By Staff | Mar 31, 2016

Kickstarter projects are inspired by entrepreneurs and backyard inventors. One that I invested in last year arrived in my mailbox the other day. It’s from a company called iota that makes a tracking device that can locate your dog, car keys, bike or any other valuables.

The range is from 2-3 miles, but if someone else has another iota near you, the range can extend another two miles from your base station. Now you have a four-mile coverage.

A community of iota users basically can track your lost dog within all the iota base station ranges. So, the more people that have an iota in your hometown, the larger and longer the range extends.

I spoke with Daniel, the main engineer, on the phone, and he walked me though the iota tracking app. It was a little confusing in the beginning, but with his help, I have a better understanding on how it works. Their updates are making it easier to navigate the tracking device with your iPhone or Android phone.

I would like to see Maui residents purchase this unique device. It’s almost like an Amber Alert, and everyone on the island can help track lost or stolen cars, senior citizens out for a walk that can’t find their way home, plus your pets and valuables.

One of the best features is a way to set up an “Area” or perimeter that will alert you if the tracker leaves it (sort of like an electronic fence). Go to www.Iotatracker.com; the price is only $149, and there is no monthly fee like other so-called tracking devices.

Scareware, randomware, malware and viruses… a new one that has infected some of the Mac computers tells you to call a number that says your computer is infected. Don’t call it; instead, e-mail me, and I can explain how to get it off your computer.

Texting while driving can be dangerous, but here is a way to send one out safely. On the iPhone, you need to go into Settings and turn on the Hey Siri function. Go to Settings, General, Siri and click on Hey Siri.

Now while driving, raise your phone up to your ear, say “Hey Siri,” then tell Siri to send a text to your girlfriend (her name), and say, “I’ll be home after the game.”

Here is a really cool feature that you might enjoy. Instead of typing out a text or sending out an audio, you can send out a video text really fast. Once you learn this cool trick, you’ll forget typing texts.

Push hard on the Message icon and choose your contact. Instead of typing in a message in the message box, press hard on the camera icon – a menu pops up. Touch the red video dot, and you are now taping. Press to stop, and a new screen appears; then click on Send.

It’s that simple, and your friends can see and hear you instead of reading a text. But it only works with people who own iPhones.

Want to snap a fast photo of a unknown object cruising over the Pioneer Mill Smokestack? Raise your iPhone up to your ear and say, “Hey Siri, open camera.” Go ahead and shoot it, but don’t send it to me!

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