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How to set up your Mac for dictation

By Staff | Feb 18, 2016

iCloud stores all your files, photos, calendars, contacts, reminders and docs, and if you delete a photo off your iPhone or computer, it automatically deletes it from all of your devices.

If you ever need to restore a deleted photo, for instance, then you must open up Safari, type in www.icloud.com and sign in to your account. Click on Settings at the bottom, then on Advanced and Restore Files. Choose the file or files by putting an “X” in the box and click on Restore.

If you have two different windows open on your desktop, you can move a window by dragging its title bar. But that also brings the window to the front and makes it active. You can move a window without making it active (and without even bringing it to the front) by holding down the Command key and dragging it. You can even drag edges and corners to resize the window by pressing the Command key down.

Here are four ways to open up an App. The first way is from the Launchpad icon on the bottom Dock. Second way is from the top menus by clicking on Go, Applications. Third way is to click on the magnifying glass on the top right and begin to type in an application name. The last way is to press down both the Command key and space bar, which brings up a spotlight search box; then type in the app name.

You can use your Mac to dictate anything you say to text, especially using the TextEdit app or Microsoft Word. To set this great feature up, click on the Apple icon at the top left and select System Preferences, then click on Dictation and Speech. Choose the Dication “On” button and then also click on the box “Use Enhanced Dictation.” In the shortcut box, choose a special short cut key that you can remember. For myself, I chose the right Command key; when I press it twice, it turns on dictation and a microphone icon appears. To see a list of commands, just say “Show Commands,” and a menu pops up. You can say “Stop Dication,” and the little microphone icon disappears. To start again, just press your shortcut key two times.

If your iPhone is sitting nearby your Mac, you can use your computer to make a phone call by opening up the FaceTime app. In the search box, type in the name of a person you want to call and click on the phone icon; or, if you want to see the person live who also has an iPhone, click on the movie projector icon. This method produces much better quality sound.

You gotta download this really cool app called MSQRD. Upon opening the app, your face appears on the screen like you’re ready to make a “selfie” recording, but first you must choose between a whole set of images that will transform your face. This works best if you want to break-up with your girlfriend! Select the one that makes you look like a gal with a beard. It worked for me. I’m now single, ladies!!!! More to come next issue…

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