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Avoid traffic jams with Google Maps alerts

By Staff | Dec 3, 2015

Google Maps just got a little more helpful. It can help you avoid a gridlock by speaking out traffic warnings in navigation mode. You’ll get a verbal summary of conditions before you start moving and alerts for any congestion or crashes while you’re on your way. So, don’t get lost on Front Street. Update this app!

A company called Laptop has learned that Dell and HP are discouraging customers from updating to Windows 10, or even recommending that people roll back to older versions. Their ultimate goal on their support line is to fix your PC, even if that means reverting to old software.

If you open up the Message app, type in your friend’s name and see three different ones show up, you can remove the ones that are outdated. Apple calls these extra outdated ones “Recents.” Click the blue “I” icon next to the number or name, scroll down and click on “Remove from Recents.”

Here is the best tip of the month: BookBub is a daily e-mail that alerts readers to free and deeply discounted eBooks that are available for a limited time. Now you can read these books on your iPad and MacBook using the iBook app. Open up Safari, and in the search type in www.bookbub.com to go to the site and sign up.

Did you know that you can create multiple e-mail screens with El Capitan? Make sure that the mail program is in full-screen mode after you open it up. Now create a new e-mail, shrink it, and then create another e-mail. You can switch between both or have both showing at the same time.

Quick Zoom is a cool feature that lets you zoom in on a photo. Click on Finder and select a photo. Click on the photo, then press the space bar. You can zoom in by simply pressing the Option key on your keyboard, then click and drag the image around to view other parts of it. Press Option again to zoom back to normal.

I just recently heard that a chain store on Maui displays a sign in their window saying that they fix or repair computers. Actually, they just connect your computer up to the Internet, and someone online takes control of your computer and has access to all of your data. I’m not sure what country they work out of, but be careful of letting strangers look at your photos, documents, Quickbooks, Turbo Tax and Excel files.

There is a new app called CareZone that keeps track of all the daily pills you take plus a lot more cool things about medications. Moldova is the new photo app that has everybody raving. It’s free, so give it a shot.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays! If anyone needs help setting up a new computer and transferring files, or setting up a new iPad syncing photos, please give me a call.

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