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Let’s clear some things up

By Staff | Nov 5, 2015

With the new iPad Pro and iPad 4 Mini, there are some unique features found only on them.

If you swipe from the right to left, the screen splits about one-fourth of the way. If you go over to the right screen and swipe down from the top, you’ll have a list of apps you can open up and run.

Touching the big screen removes the small screen, and you’re back to full screen mode. Splitting the screen in half only works on certain apps (mostly the apps that came with the original iPad).

For an example, let’s open up the Calendar app then slide to the left. For the screen on the right, let’s slide down and choose Notes, which then opens up in a quarter-screen.

To split them equally, slide the “|” mark over to the left. Now you have two identical split screens and both running separate apps. You can also open up a video clip, drag it down to one of the corners and it shrinks. This also works on the iPhone 6. So now you can have two screens side-by-side and a video going on in the corner at the same time.

The new iPhone 6 and 6 S Plus have a cool feature. It’s called Force Touch. By pressing down hard on the camera icon, a menu pops up giving you the option to take a picture.

Another trick that works only within the original apps like Notepad or Calendar that came with the iPhone 6 or iPad is when you want to select text, instead of pushing your finger down and waiting for the hourglass to appear, just press two fingers and move it around to see where you want the selected text to start, then finish selecting your text by spreading your fingers.

Low Power Mode (for the iPhone 6 only) gives you an extra three hours but limits certain functions, and the battery symbol at the top turns yellow.

The iCloud Drive icon doesn’t appear until you activate it through Settings, iCloud, iCloud Drive. This shows all of your files.

When you press down the shift key on the keyboard, it automatically turns all the letters to caps.

The Photos app has a scrubber or slider bar to scroll through your pictures. Swiping down returns you to all of your photos.

Now you can e-mail more than the five-photo limit. Open up Photos, press Select, select one photo and keep dragging down to select more. If you get a message saying it’s too big to send by mail, you can select the photo. A menu drops down; select Actual Size, then select Mail Drop to send it, which uses iCloud to send it out.

By pressing anywhere on the Mail screen, you can add an attached photo. Try this for fun: start a new e-mail, touch the middle of the screen and choose Insert Photo or Video. After it’s attached, press on the photo – a menu pops up. A really cool feature called Markup and Draw appears. Play around drawing and adding text to your photo. A new screen appears on the top, allowing you to return to a previously opened app. It’s really useful. You will see more of this coming soon on newer apps.

In some Safari websites, at the top are four lines that when touched throw you into reader mode with bigger text and less ads. You can even change the fonts in this mode.

Okay, get ready for the big one: photos with a video. Open up the Camera app, then click on the circle bullseye at the top. It turns yellow. Now take a picture. Go to Photos and choose the picture you just took. Press and hold on it. You now have a three-second video added on and even sound.

In Safari or Maps, press the box with the upper arrow to save the page to notes.

Like a song that you’ve been listening to? Ask Siri to play the rest on the album. In news, slide to see another article. More to come…

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