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iOS 9 is here

By Staff | Oct 8, 2015

Here are a few new things that came with Apple’s iOS 9 new software for your iPhone and iPad.

To search, swipe to the left on the home screen. Swipe down for notifications, and swipe up for Flashlight, Bluetooth, camera and other features.

To remove background apps, double-click on the home button and use two fingers to remove two at a time.

Try this for fun: open up YouTube and play a video. Now drag it down to the bottom right – it resizes.

Notes has added photos, maps and weblinks, and you can sketch with your fingers. Wanna go on a subway ride in New York City? Maps has transit views that show you buses, trains, ferries and subways.

Your device will automatically switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data when the Wi-Fi connection just doesn’t quite cut it. With the new chip, the next-generation iPhones will be capable of reaching faster LTE speeds – twice as fast as the iPhone 6 where permitted by network performance.

MacBook’s track pad and the Apple Watch’s screen will detect how hard you’re pressing. It’s called Force Touch. Other than Force Touch, the iPhone 6S is rumored to come with a better camera.

A new feature called Handoff lets you look at video, iBook story and Safari web page on another device right where you left off.

You now can send text messages on the iPad and Mac by clicking on a phone number in apps like Safari, Contacts or Calendar.

iCloud Keychain will save your user name and passwords for websites plus your credit card information.

The new big iPad will benefit the most with multitasking and split screens that let you run two apps at the same time.

A new app called Crystal blocks ads and is installed in Safari. Get this app now. A cool way to beat these stupid ads when watching a video clip is to press and drag your finger along the pad’s slider bar; drag it to the end, which fast-forwards the ad. Another way to get rid of adware is to open up Safari, go to Preferences, Extentions and uninstall all extentions. Try this too: support.apple.com/ en-us/HT203987 is a link to stop pop-up ads.

The Epson Ecotank printer 400 has enough ink to print 6,500 color prints. This new printer holds a gas tank of black ink, and to refill it, just squeeze more in. No more buying ink cartridges.

Want to really delete a file? Instead of choosing Empty Trash from the Finder menu, choose Secure Empty Trash. The difference is that the latter will overwrite the bits for that file, completely erasing it. You can also go into Finder, Preferences, Advance and make this option the default.

Here is a neat trick to copy text: instead of holding your mouse down and dragging to select, click on a starting spot in the text, hold down the shift key and click on the end of the sentence or paragraph you want to copy.

Did you know you can have multiple viewer windows in Apple Mail? Just choose File, New Viewer Window. You can focus on different messages or even different inboxes in each window. This makes managing multiple e-mail accounts much easier. I will have more tricks and apps with the new iOS 9 soon.

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