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Wait until issues are fixed with Windows 10

By Staff | Sep 10, 2015

Lying in bed trying to fall asleep to Meatloft’s “Bat out of Hell?” Timer will let you start and shut down your music at night. Slide up and choose the Timer icon next to the Flashlight.

Control, Command, Space brings up emojis on the Mac laptop.

Trying to find a hidden app or frustrated looking for your Bank of Pakistan app? Swipe down on the middle of the screen and Spotlight Search appears. Type in any letter, and the corresponding app shows up. You can put up to six app icons on the iPad’s lower task bar and even a folder with apps in them.

Want to turn off “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected?” It shows up when you plug your iPhone into a laptop. Open up iTunes, click on the camera icon in the upper left, click on Summary and remove the check mark. Also open up the Photos icon on your Mac and choose Preferences, General and remove the check box for “copy items to the Photos library.” If you choose to back-up using iCloud, the photos will eat up your memory, and you’ll be forced to buy more memory.

If you close a window in Safari by mistake, you can instantly reopen it and reload that page by choosing History, “Reopen Last Closed Window.” If you closed a tab in a window, it is even easier. You can use Edit, Undo, Close Tab or just press Command+Z.

Tell Siri, “My daughter’s name is Grenelda Thurmer.” She remembers that, so when you want to call her, tell Siri to “call my child.”

Just received an important e-mail from my computer repair friend, Uli from Maui Tech Gurus. He recommends not immediately upgrading to the free Microsoft Windows 10. A good reason is the existing bugs they will need to fix.

Windows is spying on you if you read their service agreement. They will collect data, e-mails and photos unless you turn it off. Open up Settings, click on Privacy, and disable all 13 screens. Next, disable Cortana, the voice like Siri for Windows. Now open up the new Edge browser and disable “personalized ads in this browser” and “personalized ads wherever I use my Microsoft Account.” The last tip is to totally remove your Microsoft Account from Windows 10 and create a new one. I just repaired a client’s computer that he upgraded to Windows 10, and the Wi-Fi drivers didn’t install, so it’s possible you could end up without drivers for audio, video and Internet, not to mention an old printer. The best solution is to try and wait about six months.

Apple TV will get a new upgrade in September. New box, bigger chip, touchpad remote control, Siri voice control and TV app store. The new streaming TV isn’t ready yet but will cost about $30 to $40 a month with all your favorite channels. Hold off buying a bolt cutter to cut your cable!

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