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Blast from the past

By Staff | Jul 16, 2015

In this issue, let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at some of my old best tips and tricks, plus a few good apps.

But first, I recommend Keepers or Lifelock to save passwords, credit card information and other documents. A popular security app is reportedly being hacked.

The new IOS 9 coming out soon will help people install new updates and operating systems, especially when they get a message that says there isn’t enough room to install the update. Apple will temporarily delete apps to make room, then reinstall them.

Okay, the first tip is to use Siri with your Reminders app. Ask Siri to “remind me” to pay my alimony on Thursday at 9:36 a.m., and you’ll get an alarm going off at that time. If you ask Siri to “remember” to pay it, you won’t get an annoying alarm sounding off during a job interview – just a message.

On the iPhone Plus, hold down the home key with your login finger and quickly ask Siri to open any app or turn on Bluetooth, the camera or Wi-Fi. Turn off Airport Mode to charge faster.

Create custom ringtones or vibrations for friends by going into Settings, Sounds, Ringtones, Vibration, Custom, Create.

Double-click the home button to show all your open apps, and slide them up one at a time to close them. Slide your finger up on the bottom of the screen to open a menu to turn on a flashlight.

Start using Facetime to make phone calls to other users. Be sure to smile!

In the Calendar app, you can save a phone number in the location line; later, clicking on that phone number will automatically call up that person. Now, you won’t clog up your contact list with unwanted numbers. Go to Phone, Recents, click on the blue circle, then press on the phone number until Copy appears; press on that. Now open up Calendar, and in Title, type in the person’s name, then click on Location. In “Enter Location,” press down your finger and paste in the phone number. When you want to call that person, open up Calendar and click on the number to call them.

On your Mac laptop, you can display the hard drive icon plus any external device by clicking on Finder, Preferences, and checking all the four boxes.

Did you know that your Compass app has a level to help hang a picture?

If you have Safari open to a website, and all of a sudden your page disappears, just click on the double square icon on the lower right, and all of your previous pages show up.

Take advantage of the Podcast app to view all kinds of valuable programs. The new “Lapse it” app has many new settings to take time-lapse video, and everybody needs the Hurricane app.

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