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More tricks and apps for iPhone users

By Staff | Jun 11, 2015

Here is a neat trick for iPhone users. When typing an e-mail, and you want to insert a photo or video, just double click on a blank space, and a menu springs up with “Select,” “Select All,” and “Quote Level.” Click on the right arrow and choose “Insert Photo or Video.”

Ready to open Door Number 3? This fantastic app transfers all your photos, notes, e-mails, contacts, music, SMS messages and apps off your iPhone or iPad to a desktop or laptop computer – and it can restore them, too. You can use your iPhone’s charging USB cable with one end connected to the phone and the other USB end connected to your laptop (or use your Wi-Fi connection).

Download the IMazing program on your computer at IMazing.com and crank it up. Works on Windows 7, too.

Get ready for a global mind blower. Now, all you Android phone users can convert your phone over to an iPhone and start using iPhone apps. You can even move your contacts, photos and calendar over. The app is called Relo, which you install on your Android phone. You can download it from the Google Play and App Store.

Get ready, ATT and Verizon! Google is starting up its own wireless phone service at $9.25 a month.

If you’ve just typed a phrase or sentence that you didn’t like and decide to delete it, holding down the Delete key erases one character at a time. To delete word by word, hold down the Option key when pressing the Delete key.

Hitting the Command key and the Spacebar at the same time brings up the Spotlight Search box.

The Facebook Messenger app now has video chat, so you can see and talk to your friends like Apple’s Facetime. This new feature works with iPhones and Android phones.

Yosemite’s new update replaces iPhoto. The new program called Photos looks exactly like the app on your iPhone or iPad. Your iCloud account lets all the devices share the same photos, which means that any photo you take with your iPhone camera instantly appears in Photos on your laptop and iPad. Pretty cool, yea?

Here are a couple of tricks using Safari. There’s a new Search Engine called DuckDuckGo – no kidding! To use it, start up Safari on your Apple laptop, click on Preferences, Search, click on Search Engine, and scroll on down to DuckDuckGo. They say it’s faster, and you can use DuckDuckGo on your iPhone and iPad, too.

If Safari sometimes seems sluggish when you are typing in a web page address, try checking the box “Preload Top Hit in the Background.” Open up Safari’s Preferences, Search and check the box. With this feature on, you can type the name of a website you have bookmarked or that’s in your history, and Safari will start to load the page even before you hit Return. For most people, this will speed up web browsing.

In August, for only $15, you can buy an LED light bulb that will sync with your iPhone that turns it off or on. It’s made by Felt Electric and called the HomeBrite.

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