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Having trouble remembering passwords?

By Staff | May 21, 2015

The new iPhone update allows you to press the home button and tell Siri to make a phone call using the speaker phone. BuzzFeed.com says the new Apple TV will have Siri voice control and the ability to use the App Store to download apps for it. Also, there is a new wireless keyboard with a backlight coming out soon.

Are people visiting inappropriate sites using your laptop computer? Be sure your account is password protected, then create a new user account called “Hugh Hefner.” After they sign on, none of YOUR data, pics or e-mail will appear on their screen, and when they shut down, their lewd downloads will be erased.

To do this, open up System Preferences on your Apple laptop, click on “Users and Groups,” click on the orange padlock and put in your user ID (unlocking it so that you can make changes), then tap the + sign to create a new user account. Be sure to click on the orange icon to lock it.

Hate remembering and typing in passwords? Here is a way that’s not hard to do. Give it a shot, and it will save you the frustration of typing in your username and passwords from now on. Safari will save your passwords and will automatically autofill your password when you open Facebook, Amazon, eBay or other sites. I’ll explain how to do this.

After you set it up for Facebook, just click on the blank password space and “AutoFill Password” appears down below. Click on autofill and then, click on login. You are now on Facebook.

To set this up, open Safari on your Apple laptop and click on Safari Preferences. Click on passwords, and a list of sites appear. If you click on any, you’ll notice that the passwords are hidden. If you want to see them, you first need to click on “Show Passwords” and the box above for “Autofill User Names and Passwords.” Next, you will be asked to type in your Apple laptop password. Click on any site in the list, and your password will now display. So if you forgot any login password, whether it be Facebook or your e-mail passwords, you’ll be able to see it there in the list.

Apple has a thing called “Keychain” that saves all new passwords that you typed in, whether on a new website or new e-mail accounts. So, to continue to activate autofill, start up your laptop, click on System Preferences, click on iCloud, check the keychain box, and type in your Apple laptop password if asked. Now click on the option box next to it and check the box to allow approving with security code. Second, open up your iPhone Settings, iCloud and click Keychain on. Now autofill is set-up on all your devices.

I love this because I have ten different passwords, and now I don’t have to remember any of them.

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