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More amazing apps and iPhone tricks

By Staff | Mar 5, 2015

iFixit (free) is a handy little app that helps you repair just about anything from toilets to garage doors.

Cablevision offers $9 a month Wi-Fi cell calls with unlimited data. Wow! But ya gotta be near a Hotspot or Wi-Fi.

WiFi Map is a tool for finding all of the Wi-Fi hotspots in your area as well as the passwords to certain security-protected networks. Anyone in the area is able to comment on a Wi-Fi network and leave the password for others to use, plus WiFi Map lets you save these in a collection so you never forget them.

If you find a lost iPhone, Siri will give you the owner’s contact information from phone number to e-mail. Simply ask Siri, “Who does this phone belong to?”

Pzizz is an app designed to help you get in a good power nap or get to sleep. Try it – it’s pretty good.

Google Earth Pro is now free.

ControlAir is an Apple Notebook or iMac download that will blow you away. This concept is new; watch out for new apps using this technique. Start up the app, then open up iTunes and click on a song you want to hear. Here is the trick to make it work: stand back about three feet and point your finger at the webcam camera. A bar appears on the top to start, stop, pause and fast-forward the music. Point your finger at the start button, and the song starts to play. Your magic finger now controls the song.

If you have an iPhone 6-plus, open up the calendar and turn it sideways to see the whole week; pinch up to see more on a line.

If you really want to zoom in on a photo, you can pinch up or expand your fingers. If you go into Settings > General >Accessibility > Zoom and activate it, now you can double tap a photo with three fingers to get a magnifying glass to appear.

Here is the neatest thing I’ve found so far – it’s called the Speak Screen. Now I can sit back and listen to my iBooks, Kindle and Nook, and it will automatically turn the pages. You can also read e-mail and Safari websites. Here is how you set it up. Open up Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech, click on Speak Selection and select Speak > Screen. You can also click on Speech and Voices to change languages. The trick is to swipe down from the very top with two fingers; a black menu appears with a turtle on the left and a rabbit on the right that control the talk speed. This is fantastic – try it!

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