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By Staff | Feb 26, 2015

Stayful is a travel app that finds hotels in a number of cities across North America based on exactly what you’re looking for, then gets you the best price possible. Browse photos of the hotels, view a list of amenities and reasons why you might like your stay there, then quickly make a reservation right within the app. Customize your price range, type of hotel or stay, location and time frame all in a few taps to focus in on what you’re looking for.

Sleepy Fan offers three types of fan noise if you go to sleep every night with an overhead fan, and it customizes the sound they produce.

TempTraq is a wearable soft patch Bluetooth thermometer that works with an iOS or Android app to let parents track body temperature accurately for up to 24 hours. You can use the app to send a temperature chart to your doctor.

Translator Speak and Translate Free (free) is a universal iOS app that translates spoken language bi-directionally in 66 languages. The app automatically detects the spoken language it hears and then provides translations. The app uses the Microsoft translation engine. It is not used in parts of Syria and Iraq.

Already an Apple Pay partner at the register, Chevron last week indicated that they’re working with Apple to bring Apple Pay directly to the pump.

To hide an embarrassing photo of your ex-girlfriend, just press on her face for a second and click on “hide.” (It won’t work on my Lahaina News photo.)

LensFlare is the best photo enhancement app I have ever used to make a photo outstanding. Make sunsets with streaming colors, and stars with flairs and streaking lights. So cool!

I hate games except for Solitaire and Mahjong. But I saw this app called Bowling Central. So if you have a black box called Apple TV where you can watch Netflix movies and other programs, you’re in luck. This app is the newest concept using the Apple TV to simulate real live bowling. Here’s how it works: you download the app, turn on the TV with the Apple TV screen on, turn on Wi-Fi on your iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen and a menu appears. Touch AirPlay and choose Apple TV and mirroring. Open up the bowling app. Just stand in front of your TV, holding your iPhone out front, and swipe forward like you have a bowling ball in your hand, then watch it go down the lane for either a strike or a gutter ball. Watch more games and utilities using the Apple TV box.

BE MY EYES connects blind users using video chat. An update to the new Google maps 4.2.0 allows restaurant users to search for cuisine types, prices and ratings.

Khan Academy has over 150,000 courses you can access on your iPad. You can spend the rest of your life learning things you never realized you needed to know. Spyglass is a complete GPS tool kit with compass, map overlays, gyrocompass, speedometer, altimetry, astronomical object finder, sextant, inclinometer, angular calculator and more. Enjoy ’til next time.

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