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More iPhone tricks, tips and apps

By Staff | Dec 4, 2014

Aloha! Is your iPhone ready to explode with the latest tricks, tips and apps?

Apple has created the new “Recently Deleted” folder. This folder keeps the apps, videos and photos you recently deleted, so you can later recover them.

If you think you are going blind or suddenly need glasses because you can’t read the text on your iPhone, just go into Settings, Display & Brightness, Text Size to fine tune the size of text all across the system.

The 1A/5W charger included in the box of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus makes recharging the phones slower than it could be. Grab a 2.1A/12W iPad charger for a much faster charge.

This is cool: you can share your location or street address in text messages so someone can find you. Click on Details and choose either “Send My Current Location” or “Share My Location.” If you’re evading the IRS, don’t try this.

Also, here is a really neat trick in text message. Just touch the camera icon, take a photo or video, or choose a photo or video, and it’s automatically sent with your message. Another cool trick is to raise your iPhone up to your ear and send an audio message without typing. To activate this feature, click on Settings, Messages and click on Raise to Listen. When finished sending your audio message, just lower the iPhone and you’ll hear a beep. Beware – this only works with other iPhone users and not with an unmarked police car following you.

Swipe right to go back a page in Safari.

In the new Health app, fill in your basic personal health information in the Medical ID tab for use in case of emergencies.

The new Yosemite operating system for the Apple notebooks and desktops has a cool feature. You can now make phone calls on them. It basically sets your iPhone to rout calls through your Mac. To set this up on the iPhone, go into Settings, Face Time and click on iPhone Cellular Calls. On the Mac, just open up Facetime, and in the upper left click on Facetime, Preferences and enable “Iphone Cellular Calls.” To make a call on your Mac, open up Facetime and click the Audio tab. Type in a name or number (or just click on the + for all contacts, then click on the phone icon to talk). It works, and I use it on my iMac all the time. Make sure the iPhone is connected to your router and the desktop is also connected to the same WiFi router. Also, you can set your Mac to rout calls through Skype.

Apple TV has added CBS News to its service.

Ok all you Tom Hanks fans; he’s created an old time-looking typewriter app that types and makes clicking noises. It’s called Hanx Writer, so if your grandpa refuses to use an iPad, have him try out this app. Afterwards, you might have to go out and buy him one.

One last really cool app that is called Real Estate will help you find a cheap house on Maui – providing you have a million dollars. All Realtors should download this awesome app.

Thanks to Mark, our Lahaina News editor, we’re going to run these columns every two weeks, so keep your scissors sharp. Aloha, George.

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