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Cool accessories for Macs, iPhones and iPads

By Staff | May 1, 2014

Hello again! In this issue, we’re going to look at some accessories for the Mac, iPhone and iPad.

If you haven’t upgraded your iPhone or iPad to the new OSX 7.1, you’re missing out on some neat stuff. The new Siri in OSX 7.1 is better, and the best part is that when you press and hold the home button, Siri won’t crap out on you – you can talk forever until you release the home button.

I’ve looked at several cases for the iPhone, and the Morphi case gives you not only an extra ten hours of battery life but 32 gigs of storage. That’s nice if you want to store pics and more music. It costs about $99.

The Aero wireless charging case is about the same price and comes with a charging pad that you just place your iPhone on top of. No wires are used, but I’ve heard it takes up a lot more space. A new charging case by Prong for $69.95 has two folded prongs that unfold and plug into a regular wall socket. So you place your iPhone in the case, unfold the two prongs in the back, walk over to any wall socket and plug it in.

Have some old speakers that you don’t want to throw away? Logitech has an answer for that – just get one of their new Bluetooth Audio Adapters ($39.99), and you’ll be streaming music to your big speakers in minutes. Just plug your old speakers into the adapter, turn the Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad, kick back and rock out with Elvis.

If you need to scan a document or picture, you don’t need to go out, buy an expensive flatbed scanner and spend eight hours hooking it up and installing complicated software. The Scanbot app is a great iPhone scanner and so easy to use. I’ve used it many times scanning papers, photos and graphs, then e-mailing them out.

Have an old iPhone sitting around? You can download the app called Icam Source on your new iPhone or iPad, then download and put the app called Icam on your old iPhone, which turns it into a live camera. I tried it while placing my old iPhone 4 in the kitchen and watched live video of my roommate stealing my maple syrup while sitting in the bathroom with my iPhone 5S. You can place it anywhere you want, but you need to be on the same router Wi-Fi Network and be sure to set the old iPhone Auto Lock to “Never.”

I’ve seen all kinds of camera lenses that connect to the iPhone or iPad that allow you to use zoom-in, fisheye and wide angle features, but the best one out there is a combo of all the lenses in one called the Olio Lip 4 In One Lens for $75. I bought one and was blown away by the fisheye effect that made my photos stand out.

Here is how to delete several text messages instead of deleting them all: hold any message down until the “MORE” icon appears, check the messages you want to delete, then click on the trash button to delete the selected text messages.

Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP. That means no more updates, patches and technical support. But they will update malware until next year. That also means hackers can have a field day with more virus atacks. By the way, a new virus called Heart Bleed just came out. Be safe until the next issue.

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